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Is the prestige diploma actually worth the “hype”?
When it comes to language learning, one often assumes that studying abroad will result in the development of superior language skills. But, does living in the language without systematic learning really help language learning?
With a new travelling method called Green Travelling, it is now possible to enjoy the travelling experience and contribute to the environment at the same time.
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Doing Erasmus during the pandemic can be more challenging than we anticipated.
Most students are acquainted with the term “gap year”, but do we all know exactly what it stands for?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, between the decision makers that have the power to open or close schools and the students, there are also the teaching staff that are conducive to a proper learning environment.
In the age of emergency remote learning, will we ever see a return to campus teaching?
A Study through the Lenses of the European Court of Human Rights
With the new waves of the well-known Covid-19, the start of the vaccination, and the scientific advances regarding the virus, STS studies and science education have been a hot topic in the world of the future of education.