Erasmus Student Network AISBL is supported by a number of employees that work at the headquarters in Brussels. The Secretariat takes care of the network's general cooperation and administration. The composition of the Secretariat varies depending on the international projects and grants of ESN AISBL. If you wish to contact the ESN Secretariat you can reach them by post, phone and email using the following details:


Rasmus Åberg | Director

The Director of ESN has an overall responsibility for staff issues. He is often a link between the Board and the Secretariat and he also coordinates ESN's involvement in several projects.

E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @rasmusaberg

Henriette Umutesi | Administrator

The Administrator is responsible of the administrative matters of ESN International
and is the first contact point with ESN Sections and the network, as well as external
contacts or partners.

E-mail: [email protected][email protected]

Fakhra Karamat | Financial Assistant

The Financial Assistant works closely with Treasurer and Administrator. Main tasks include taking care of invoices and reimbursements for the Network and employees, administration of accounting software and carrying out payments.   

E-mail: [email protected] | [email protected]

Hugo A. Urción | Partnership Manager

The Partnership Manager takes care of the business development strategy of our organization. Responsibilities include managing ESN’s fundraising efforts through commercial and strategic partnerships, as well as the overall administration of and development roadmap for

E-mail: [email protected] LinkedIn: Hugo A. Urción Serantes

Jérémy Apert | HousErasmus+ Project Coordinator

The HousErasmus+ Project Coordinator is responsible for dealing with partners, communication, advocacy and the daily management of the HousErasmus+ project. 

E-mail: [email protected] LinkedIn: Jérémy Apert

Pedro Teles | MappED! Web Developer

The Web Developer is responsible for development of the MappED! online platform and mobile app. Occasionally involved in assistance to the network with any other online platform projects and IT related tasks.

E-mail: [email protected] LinkedIn: Pedro Teles

Gorka Guerrero | ErasmusIntern Web Developer

The Web Developer is involved in the development, administration and documentation of website, working closely with the Web Project Administrator

E-mail: [email protected] LinkedIn: Gorka Guerrero

Carolina Vaz-Pires | Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer responsibilities are the coordination and design of ESN’s range of publications along with conceptualising, proposing and designing ESN web pages.
Works closely with the Communication Manager to also help in the communication and projects of ESN International.

E-mail: [email protected] LinkedIn: Carolina Vaz-Pires

Katarzyna Pasierbiewicz | Communication and Media Intern

The Communication and Media Intern works closely with Communication Manager
and assists him in all communication-related tasks, such as implementation of social
media communication, graphic design, producing the newsletters,
and ESN’s online tools administration. 

E-mail: [email protected] LinkedIn: Katarzyna Pasierbiewicz

Fernando Mínguez | Digital Marketing Intern

The Digital Marketing Intern works closely with Partnership Manager. Main tasks include producing the newsletters and Facebook posts of ESNcard, development and maintenance of  and the creation of a database with the results of our campaigns.

E-mail: [email protected] LinkedIn: Fernando Mínguez