Dive stands for Diversity and Inclusion in Volunteering across Europe. The project aims at making volunteering more accessible and attractive for a diverse group of young people.


European volunteering is far from accessible to all young people in Europe. Three European youth networks, ESN, JEF and AEGEE share this diagnosis and are coming together, supported by YES Forum, a platform of organisations working with and for young people with fewer opportunities, to work on the challenges of diversity and inclusion in European volunteering.


The project aims at identifying the barriers hindering the full participation of certain young people as volunteers and at collectively reflecting on how to take them down.


The project includes 3 training for members of our associations and our local partners; JEF France, JEF Bulgaria, AEGEE-Athina, AEGEE-Cagliari, ESN Sweden, ESN Dubrovnik; interested in reaching out to a different audience than the 'usual suspects' (from rural areas, disadvantaged backgrounds, young people not in higher education).


DIVE is a two-year project focusing on sharing good practices funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union in order to help the participating organisations to:

  • Develop organisational tools to be accessible to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Learn to break down barriers and obstacles young people face when it comes to participation
  • Gain more understanding on the topic of social inclusion