The aim of the Digital Ecosystem for E-Participation Linking Youth (DEEP-Linking Youth) project is to use e-participation as an instrument to foster young people’s empowerment and active participation in democratic life. The project will test the functioning of a digital ecosystem for youth engagement by bridging technology and young citizens on a common task with the aim of providing quality input into decision-making with a sustainable impact.

This will include mapping existing youth mobility channels, developing online content and creating different analytical tools to monitor the results. One of the main outcomes will be the ‘Digital Dashboard’, which policymakers will be able to use to understand the concerns of young people and take into account their perspectives in the policy-making process.

The implementation of the project is supported by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform) and will be led by ECAS in partnership with:

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)
The Consultation Institute (TCI), UK
Civil College Foundation (CCF), Hungary
ProInfo Foundation, Bulgaria
GONG, Croatia
Citizens Foundation, Iceland