Logo: ESC-tension2: Accelerating ESC Adoption in the EEA

In the pursuit of a unified European Educational Area by 2025, the European Commission has made significant investments in initiatives like the European Student Card (ESC). Designed as a cornerstone of this endeavour, the ESC streamlines authentication, data exchange, and interoperability among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the EU. It's a vital tool ensuring seamless access to student services and facilitating mobility within the educational landscape.

However, despite its potential to revolutionise student experiences, widespread adoption of the ESC has faced hurdles, notably due to a lack of awareness among students about its benefits.

ESC-tension 2: Accelerating ESC Adoption in the European Education Area

Recognising this challenge, ESC-tension 2 emerges to change this. This EU-funded project, building upon its predecessor ESC-tension, is dedicated to catalysing ESC adoption by directly engaging with students.

Under the coordination of the ENDISU Foundation, ESC-tension 2 pioneers a multilingual platform. This platform introduces innovative operational tools, empowering HEIs to harmonise their student cards with ESC standards. Simultaneously, it equips Student Service Providers (SSPs) with resources to integrate ESC-friendly services seamlessly.

A Student-Centric Approach

While ESC-tension focused on institutional and organisational aspects, ESC-tension 2 shifts the focus towards students themselves. Operational challenges are met with tailored solutions aimed at enhancing students' awareness of ESC's potential, benefits, and functionality.

Empowering Students through Awareness and Resources

ESC-tension 2 embarks on a comprehensive journey to empower students. Through the development of educational materials, training packages, and operational tools, it seeks to enlighten and guide students in leveraging the full potential of ESC in their academic pursuits.

Project Details

The project spans 30 months, from November 2023 to April 2026, and boasts a consortium of partners representing all key stakeholders relevant to the initiative:

  • Fondazione ENDISU (Italy) - Project Coordinator
  • ISIC – the International Student Identity Card Association (Denmark)
  • Normandie Université (France)
  • Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal)
  • ECCA – the European Campus Card Association (Ireland)
  • ESN – the Erasmus Student Network (Belgium)

ESC-tension 2 stands as a unique initiative to enhance student experiences and foster collaboration across borders. By empowering students with knowledge and resources it paves the way for a more interconnected and enriching educational landscape within the European Educational Area. With student cards in Europe becoming part of the ESC framework, students will be able to access all student-relevant services throughout Europe with their own cards.