The Get engaged! program commenced on the first of December 2015, and it intends to achieve a large scale efficiency improvement throughout the upcoming 20 months. The project is based on international cooperation, the aim of which is mutual exchange of information for development purposes.

The project aspires to motivate and enhance the activity of umbrella organisations’ members in order to ease everyday work, and successful operation.Throughout the programme we develop new methods and techniques to achieve the formerly mentioned aims. Moreover we are placing a great emphasis on the development of the leaders’ and employees’ skills.

It is important to give the leaders the much needed tools that help them put their plans into practice. Moreover we wish to promote the social involvement of youngsters, so that they take part in the initiatives of the organisations working for them.

We intend to do all this in close cooperation with our partner organisations, sharing our experiences and methodologies developed during the program. Also we strive to emphasise the importance of youth work in the international scene.

The project starts with the monitoring of member organisations’ goals, expectations, and main problems. Our aim is to improve the standards of future cooperation. Another goal of ours is the further development of the skills of the organisations’ leaders and employees with special training courses. At the end of the project we will present the results and new methodologies at nationwide events, then at the conference of the European Youth Forum in Brussels.

Coordinating organisation


  • Erasmus Student Network
  • PROM (Polish Council of Youth Organisations)