The conference organised by ESN examined the correlation between mobility and community engagement experiences, and the employability of students and youth.
Over 100 representatives from 42 national member organisations from across Europe gathered to discuss the new Erasmus+ programme, the future of mobility in the UK, and elect the new leaders of the organisation.
The European Digital Student Service Infrastructure (EDSSI) project. New website, enhanced information.
This month, in collaboration with our partner TWISPER we are offering all sections an amazing opportunity - the five lucky winners will win a 5000 euro cash prize to add to their budget!
ESN to mobilise the Erasmus Generation to contribute with their own inputs.
platform, centralising information on inclusive mobility from HEIs, national agencies, and authorities.
From the 10th of March to the 1st of April, a training for trainers on the topic of LGBTQI+ Community & Youth took place.
From the 18th to the 21st March, the National Board members of the Erasmus Student Network’s national member organisations had the opportunity to take part in the training event focused on the topic of social impact.
On Wednesday, May 4th 2021, Erasmus Student Network held a ceremony online giving awards to the best projects, initiatives, and events in the network.
Conference Erasmus Generation on the Labour Market, which will take place from 20 - 21 May online, will look into several topics connected to the employability of the Erasmus+ (and other exchange and mobility programmes) alumni.