A photo of two students sitting in a classroom and smiling towards the camera.

In a significant stride towards enhancing the European Student Card (ESC) adoption rates, the ESC-tension 2 project has officially kicked off with the Erasmus Student Network as a partner and with a focus on students and their journey through higher education. This project, building on the success of ESC-tension 1, which focused more on institutions, is set to bring about a transformation in how students across Europe experience and benefit from the European Student Card (ESC).

ESC-tension 2 aims to connect ESC services seamlessly to the student journey, develop a comprehensive Student Tool Box with informative materials to boost ESC adoption and involve hundreds of students directly. The overarching goal is to contribute to the creation of a European Education Area (EEA) by adopting a bottom-up approach, placing students at the centre of ESC adoption efforts.

The project focuses on promoting interconnected systems for higher education through a bottom-up approach, supporting the EEA via the European Student Card. By fostering easier access to higher education, various student services, mobility, and comprehensive assistance throughout the student journey, ESC-tension 2 aims to make ESC more attractive, accessible and beneficial to students all over Europe.

ESC-tension 2 tackles challenges related to low awareness and adoption of the ESC among students, along with high fragmentation in ESC adoption efforts by higher education institutions and service providers. The primary target groups include students with limited knowledge or adoption of the ESC, student organisations, and stakeholders involved in student cards and electronic identification systems.

The project brings together a consortium of partners, each contributing expertise in different aspects of ESC adoption. From connecting the student journey to ESC services, academic identification, and involvement of higher education institutions and their needs to students' needs and end-user perspectives, the collaboration ensures a holistic approach.

ESC-tension 2 includes the development of the ESC-Tension Student Toolbox, awareness materials, training packages, operational tools, and the integration of these resources into the ESC-tension platform. Active involvement of students and stakeholders in various phases is crucial for success.

As ESC-tension 2 unfolds, it promises to be a game-changer in promoting the widespread adoption of the European Student Card, paving the way for a more connected and accessible European Education Area for students across the continent. Students and student organisations, get ready for a transformative journey with ESC-tension 2!

Discover more by visiting the project website.