A few people doing a warm up exercise in a classroom.

ESN Porto is a section that works in strong connection with the network's core principles and values, representing the unique essence of this organisation. Therefore, considering various activities, initiatives and campaigns for the Social Impact Days, the section’s focus turned to an event where “health” would be the main attraction. 

In no time, ESN Porto suggested a day composed of three TED Talks about the following topics: mental health, nutrition and sports. The Let’s Talk About Health event was born!

They opened the event with a Zumba class as a quick warm-up. After this, the first session, named “How to Connect and Manage Emotions: a Guide for Change”, took place. It was highly interactive as it was led by a university professor and featured psychology students and colleagues who facilitated practical exercises.

After a refreshing coffee break, the focus shifted to nutrition with the session "How To Feed Your Brain", led by a final-year nutrition student. The session was very participative and directed to teach the best diet for an active brain, especially during exam season.

Then, the participants had a lunch break and ESN Porto ended the day with the Sports Talk “Move, Groove and Roll: Mastering an Active Life & Surfing the Micromobility Wave”. This session, held by an enthusiastic speaker passionate about sports, history and green mobility, provided rich and engaging content.

The volunteers of ESN Porto believe that in order to live one's best life, embrace the greatest version of oneself and enjoy peak physical and emotional well-being, individuals must increase their awareness of personal health. To do so, information is key – which is why ESN Porto intended to deliver it in a didactic manner. 

The Erasmus Generation is young, but the turning point for a healthy future is right now. Thus, ESN Porto believes in the importance of working on preventing foreseeable issues as a crucial tool to avoid potential problems. 

You do not need many resources to highly influence your audience. You can simply ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What is my main goal?
  • How can I reach it?
  • What resources do I need to do so?
  • Can I rely on any past examples?

Then, brainstorm with your colleagues and let the magic happen. Do not forget, ESN is a safe place to make mistakes, so take risks and, even though something still unexplored can fail at first, always try again. As an example, ESN Porto did not achieve the desired reach for this event, but that was only the first attempt, and that doesn’t mean there will not be any recognition.

Márcia and Alex 
Both had a dream they shared
And thanks to ESN 
They made it fly and filled the air!