In 2019 ESN will act to increase the media literacy of its volunteers
Reaching this important milestone, ESN renews its partnership with Pernod Ricard in order to responsible alcohol consumption and combatting binge drinking among students in Europe.
The outcomes of the previous Social Inclusion Days are here! In total, 557 socially inclusive activities were organised all around Europe!
Support this petition in order to achieve new results for the benefit of the future of the students, the university staff and the HEIs of the Euro-Mediterranean area!
The Inclusive Mobility Alliance has been officially launched at the European Parliament!
Our network consists of sections and volunteers who are hardworking and motivated to provide an amazing time for their exchange students, this time, the section that shines the most is ESN Porto!
Tomorrowland joins forces with ESN to offer special tickets for international students
Let's take a look back at what we've achieved together in the past year
Erasmus Without Paper, aiming to digitalise the paper-based workflow from the Erasmus+ mobility process, has been launched on the 12th December at a conference hosted by Ghent University.
We are proud to announce that based on the Transparency At Work ranking, ESN was rated as the 2nd best employer in Brussels.