The ESN network consists at this moment out of 39 countries and 527 local sections.

ESN AGH Cracow Cracow
ESN-EYE Lodz Lodz
ESN Gdansk (Politechnika) Gdańsk
ESN Koźmiński Warsaw Warsaw
ESN LUT Lublin
ESN Lazarski Warsaw Warsaw
ESN Olsztyn Olsztyn
ESN PB Bialystok Bialystok
ESN PK Cracow Cracow
ESN PW Warsaw Warsaw
ESN PWr Wroclaw
ESN Poznan Poznan
ESN SGGW Warsaw Warsaw
ESN SGH Warsaw Warsaw
ESN SUT Gliwice Gliwice
ESN SWPS University Warsaw
ESN UAM Poznan Poznan
ESN UE Katowice Katowice
ESN UE Poznan Poznan
ESN UE Wroclaw Wroclaw
ESN UEK Cracow Cracow
ESN UG Gdansk Sopot
ESN UJ Cracow Cracow
ESN UKSW Warsaw Warsaw
ESN UL Lodz Lodz
ESN UMCS Lublin Lublin
ESN UMK Torun Toruń
ESN UP Wroclaw Wroclaw
ESN US Szczecin Szczecin
ESN UW Warsaw Warsaw
ESN UwB Bialystok Bialystok
ESN WUM Warsaw Warsaw
ESN PO Opole
ESN UKW Bydgoszcz Bydgoszcz
ESN UŚ Katowice Katowice
ESN WSB Poznań Poznan
ESN PRz Rzeszów Rzeszów