A picture of people hugging on a stage and a screen showing the word "Porto".
Among Nicosia, Sofia, Istanbul and Sevilla, Porto wins the title this year!
A dark blue background with an image of a publication's cover and text: "A European Degree for more and better student mobility. ESN’s reaction to the Blueprint for a European Degree".
Reaction of the Erasmus Student Network to the Blueprint for a European Degree
Dark blue background and text: "The day is here: resources exhausted, students still midway!"
The day is here: Resources exhausted, students still midway!
A group of young people holding a big flag made of many other country flags.
Dive into the Erasmus Generation Meeting Seville 2024 and all the happenings of the third edition of the biggest student-led conference in Europe!
A young woman smiling with arms wide open. The legend reads: "Voice your vision"
ESN is gearing up for its participation in the European Youth Week, organised in Brussels by the European Commission and in LevelUp!, by the European Youth Forum.