The project "Aiming to educate by promoting the academic dimension of Erasmus+" (AIMED) will focus on creating an online platform providing an educational offer for international students presented in an attractive and friendly way. Students will be able to check the online courses offered by various Higher Education Institutions before composing their learning agreement.  

Access to the course methodology, multimedia presentations or profile of the lecturer will provide a more accurate insight into the topic explored. The project strives to promote the perception of mobility as an educational experience and build the grounds for providing the students with the resources required to choose the courses that will impact his/her academic performance. The students will be offered the chance to make an informed and more adequate choice of host university based on solid academic grounds.

AIMED is a two-year project coordinated by the University of Lodz and having as partners: Erasmus Student Network, Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas, Universidad de Cadiz, Universidad de Granada, Univerza na Primorskem Universita Del Litorale, Universidade De Santiago De Compostela, European Humanities University, European University Foundation