STARland - Best ESN Country

Winner: ESN Portugal
2nd Place: ESN Croatia
3rd Place: ESN Czech Republic and ESN Poland





STARlight - Best ESN Section

Winner: ESN Lisboa
2nd Place: ESN Politecnico Milano
3rd Place: ESN KTU





STARter - Best New ESN Section

Winner: ESN CULS Prague
2nd Place: ESN Constanta
3rd Place: ESN UofG





SeCoSTAR - Best ESN Section Cooperation

Winner: ESN Milano United
(ESN Bocconi Milano, ESN IULM Milano, ESN Milano-Bicocca, ESN Milano Statale, ESN Politecnico Milano, ESN UniCatt Milano)
2nd Place: ESN Brno United
3rd Place: ESN Uni Wien & ESN TU Wien




ESNshowcaseSTAR - Best Practice

Winner: ESN UŁ
2nd Place: ESN ITU
3rd Place: ESN Tallinn





eventSTAR - Best ESN International Event

Winner: NBM Thessaloniki
2nd Place: CND Plovdiv
3rd Place: CNR Jyväskylä





campaignSTAR - Best ESN Campaign

Winner: Generazione Senza Voto (ESN Italy)
2nd Place: NBM Lisboa (ESN Lisboa)
3rd Place: People of ESN UEK (ESN UEK)





gadgetSTAR - Best ESN Gadgets

Winner: ESN PW Warsaw
2nd Place: ESN Tallinn
3rd Place: ESN SGH





logoSTAR - Best ESN Logo

Winner: ESN Sofia University
2nd Place: ESN Gent
3rd Place: ESN Comenius University





movieSTAR - Best ESN Movie

Winner: ESN Madeira
2nd Place: ESN Covilha
3rd Place: ESN KTU





webSTAR - Best ESN Wesbite

Winner: ESN Vilnius University
2nd Place: ESN Lund and ESN Lisboa
3rd Place: ESN Lithuania, ESN Politecnico Milano and ESN Usti





ESNcardSTAR - Best ESNcard Project Implementation

Winner: ESN Lisboa
2nd Place: ESN Uni Lausanne
3rd Place: ESN Salerno





ExchangeAbilitySTAR - Best ExchangeAbility Project Implementation

Winner: Down Cafe Visit (ESN Yeditepe)
2nd Place: Inclusive Mobility Conferences (ESN en UV)
3rd Place: Art in the Dark (ESN US Szczecin)





Mov'inEuropeSTAR - Best Mov'in Europe Project Implementation

Winner: Mobility Week (ESN Minho)
2nd Place: Mobility Fair 2016 (ESN Panteion Athens)
3rd Place: Study and work abroad (ISC VUT Brno)





ResponsiblePartySTAR - Best Responsible Party Project Implementation

Winner: National Trip to Amsterdam (ESN Belgium)
2nd Place: ESNOlympics (ESN Portugal)
3rd Place: Prison Party (ESN Bratislava United)





SocialErasmusSTAR - Best SocialErasmus Project Implementation

Winner: Campamento EiS (ESN Spain)
2nd Place: Animal Welfare (ESN TEI Athens)
3rd Place: A concert to unite (ESN AUTH, ESN UoM & ESN Thessaloniki)





Alumni Award

Winner: ESN Düsseldorf
2nd Place: ESN Jyväskylä
3rd Place: ESN Vaasa





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