Key Findings

Credit recognition

Information provision

  • 41% of students receive information about the grade transfer before the exchange.
  • 50% of the Erasmus students receive the information about the exchange student recognition rights before the exchange and over 25% claim not to receive the information at all.
  • The Erasmus Charter is distributed in only 57.2% of the institutions.

Learning Agreement

  • Only 73% of the Erasmus students manage to complete the process of “collecting signatures” before the departure.
  • 73% of the students claim to change the Learning Agreement after signing it.


  • 96% of the institutions surveyed are using the ECTS.
  • 59% of the HEIs use them as the only credit system, whereas 37% use them together with national credit system.
  • 43% of the HEIs calculate the ECTS credits according to the student’s workload.

Financial Support

  • Over 96% of the students surveyed received the Erasmus grant.
  • 38% of the students received additional financial support from other sources: regional or national institutions, home and host institutions and private foundations.

Credit recognition

  • 73% of the students receive the full recognition of the credits successfully gained abroad and previously included in the Learning Agreement
  • 24% of the students receive only partial recognition for certain courses
  • 3% do not get any of their credits recognised
  • 21.6% of the students had to repeat at least some (or in 3.6% all) of their courses and/or exams upon return, regardless of receiving or not full recognition of their studies abroad