20% OFF on Donkey Bike memberships or an amazing Donkey Lease Plan. Ride for free every day. In your city and abroad too.

At Donkey Republic we run a global bike system, that allows our riders to unlock bikes with the Donkey Republic app in 50+ cities across Europe. You can take a Donkey for short trips to your destination or keep the bike for multiple hours to run errands in the city. With hundreds of bikes and thousands of pick-up and drop-off locations in town, you will always find a bike around you.

With a Donkey Bike membership you can:

  • Rent as many times as you want
  • The first 12 hours of each rental will always be free
  • Cancel your plan anytime, no binding period
  • Use the same app & membership when you travel to other cities

Copenhagen, Aarhus, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Ghent, Munich, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Vienna, Reykjavik and many more cities - check the Donkey App for our global bike map.

Donkey Lease Plan

Donkey's newest lease plan gives Riders a unique lease experience. By giving you traditional lease benefits like affordable monthly payments, access to a bike when you need it most, and insurance. We decided to go a step further, by adding our newest lease plan onto our existing bike-share system, you get access to our instant repair system which allows you to simply change bikes within our app if you ever have any problems so there is no need to wait for repairs. It gives you added flexibility because you do not need to be attached to just one bike. You are free to treat it like a bike share by simply swapping bikes whenever needed, so you don't need to get the same bike all the way back home.  We simply ask that if you keep one bike for longer periods without issue, you check in once a week so we can assure the quality and your happiness simply within our app. An added perk is that you can use Donkey bikes in every city we are in with the same lease plan.

With a Donkey Lease Plan you get:

  • A flexible lease plan where you are not just fixed to 1 bike
  • Access to our instant repair system ( means no wait time for repairs)
  • Cancel your plan anytime, no binding period
  • Use the same app & membership when you travel to other cities

Life is unpredictable, plans change and sometimes you want some flexibility. With our lease plan, you can book a bike and keep it for a long period ( month as long as you check in once a week in the app) or you can end the booking and get a new bike later or the next day. This gives you the chance to combine transport, avoid the rain and make many situations that come up just a bit easier for you.


What do you need to do to get your hands on an ESN discount for Donkey Bikes?

Well, first of all, you will need a valid ESNcard. If you don't have it yet: click here.

Once you have that sorted out, go ahead, log in to your ESNcard account and claim your discounted access to a better world, full of bikes, wherever you go.

About us

Donkey Republic was born in 2015 in a Copenhagen basement, and since then, we’ve been taking our orange bikes on a ride around the world. We created Donkey Republic with the purpose to help people get around in an easy and affordable way, and to transform cities with the help of our Donkeys and riders. We believe that the liveable future of cities depends on one of the simplest, most plain and unpretentious vehicles ever invented, the bicycle.