Student mobility doesn't just happen overnight; it begins with careful preparation.  Even before you pack your bags, there's a crucial phase to navigate – the preparation phase.

Data from the XV ESNsurvey highlight the importance of pre-departure support measures for students on their path to mobility. Notably, students emphasise that information about available financial support (82%), programmes (66%), and the application process (66%) are crucial aspects of the pre-departure support they receive. Additionally, the results of the ESNsurvey it’s emphasised the need for this key information to be centralised and available in a digital format, making it easier to access. 

ESN, dedicated to supporting student mobility and promoting internationalisation at home, manages several online portals designed to assist students right from the start of their mobility journey. These portals have been developed by ESN over its 35 years of existence, and they are continuously updated based on feedback from students and our stakeholders.

From this perspective, this article aims to explore some of the platforms ESN offers to support international students throughout their mobility journey, from the initial stages of preparation right through to the end.


Erasmus Generation Portal 

The Erasmus Generation Portal is the ultimate resource hub for navigating mobility opportunities. It's designed to cater specifically to the student’s needs, providing tools and information to support the mobility journey, whether it involves studying at a university abroad or participating in an internship in another country.
Within the portal, students will discover comprehensive insights into different countries and programs, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their mobility.
The portal offers a collection of testimonials shared by students who have already completed their experience. Additionally, students can take advantage of the Erasmus+ Grant Simulator tool, which allows them to simulate their Erasmus+ Grant based on their home country, desired destination, and preferred duration of stay.
Furthermore, for students eager for more travel-related content, the Erasmus Generation Blog section provides a variety of engaging articles and thought-provoking discussions. From practical travel tips to explorations of global citizenship, the blog serves as a platform for dialogue and connection for every young person interested in mobility.
From practical travel tips to discussions on global citizenship, the blog serves as a platform for dialogue and connection for every young person interested in mobility.
It’s important to note that following the student recommendations of wanting centralised information, the ESN team is currently working on centralising all the platforms for international students in the Erasmus Generation Portal to make access easier and better cater to their needs is the platform designed to provide support and benefits to the owners of an ESNcard, the official Erasmus Student Network membership card. Designed to support international students and trainees, the ESNcard provides affordable access to a wide range of opportunities throughout the period abroad. By joining one of the +500 ESN local sections across Europe and beyond, holders of an ESNcard are granted access to a variety of local, national and international events organised by ESN sections and partners across different cities and countries. From discounts on housing, sports, and food to entertainment venues across Europe, the ESNcard ensures effective budget management while maximising the experience. 


Erasmusjobs is a platform designed to connect students and recent graduates who participated in a mobility programme with job opportunities. It functions as a centralised hub where employers can post their vacancies, providing detailed information about the positions available. On the other hand, individuals can easily search for opportunities that match their interests and qualifications, simplifying the application process.
One of the platform's key features is its emphasis on safety and transparency. Erasmusjobs verifies all employers to ensure a secure environment for job seekers. Additionally, it operates on a free-of-charge basis, making it accessible to all users.

Green Erasmus

The Green Erasmus Portal, developed by the Green Erasmus project, serves as a valuable resource for students seeking concrete information on how to adopt sustainable practices before, during, and after their Erasmus experience. While certain actions may be widely recognised, other aspects are often overlooked, and students may struggle to understand how to make their Erasmus exchanges more environmentally friendly. By utilising the portal, students can access a wealth of tips, tricks, and resources to help them act sustainably. Additionally, they can find useful information on how to get involved in sustainability initiatives both locally and globally.

Internships under the Erasmus+ scheme are still not so well-known among youth, and such mobility type is less common compared to mobility for studies. The biggest challenge of this scheme is the fact that students and graduates need to find an employer themselves. This can be tricky, not knowing where to start looking for the offer or how to apply, and it is scary in the world of scams. ESN's flagship portal, is a place where employers meet interns. It's simple - employers put their internship offers including all details about working hours, conditions, language, and working hours. and young people create an account to search and apply for the chosen offer. It is also worth mentioning that the portal is free of charge, and the employers are constantly being verified. promotes internship mobility among youth, providing a direct and safe job market.

Erasmus+ must be for all. Yet, only a very limited number of students with disabilities participated in the programme. Getting out of the comfort zone and preparing for mobility might be more challenging. To meet those extra needs, ESN has created This portal is an information hub about inclusion and support services offered by higher education institutions, national agencies and ministries for education to international students. It also features an interactive map of higher education institutions and their accessibility level. A tab with personal testimonials of those who have already gone on mobility against all odds can become an inspiration and reassurance that mobility is indeed for everyone. is also a place for higher education employees to find extra resources and self-assessment tools.

As ESN, we hope these platforms will enhance the student experience when going abroad. We strive to be innovative and at the forefront of this process, and we are always open to feedback from students and our partners.

If you wish to share your experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


Written by: Anna Kowalczyk & Gloria Quarantani