The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is launching the next edition of the Social Impact Days, an initiative that promotes impactful activities that bring together international students and members of local communities in more than 40 countries in Europe and beyond.

The Social Impact Days are taking place between the 22nd of April and the 8th of May 2022. During these two weeks, more than 500 local associations of ESN will promote activities that aim at integrating the international students into the local communities and vice-versa.

Thanks to the initiative, international students will have opportunities to better understand their host communities and become aware of the issues among them. This edition is special as 2022 was announced as the European Year of Youth. ESN stands for implementing changes in terms of more accessible mobility, and is reaching out to the youth that has a vision of a better world. Supported by their volunteers, the ambassadors of the Erasmus Generation, ESN aims to promote mobility, trying to reach the future recipients and change their lives for the years to come. Therefore, the Social Impact Days set the awareness of the possibilities that the Erasmus+ programme gives to international students. Acting both individually and collectively, we work on boosting social inclusiveness and increasing their sense of solidarity.

Examples of activities that were successfully implemented in the last edition, in order to contribute to the efforts of the Social Impact Days, are visits to local schools, mobility fairs, social talks with the local communities, charities, online campaigns on mental health and environmental sustainability, and more.

“The Erasmus Student Network believes that learning mobility can help to build a better world, one international student at a time. In a dark time for Europe and the world, the Social Impact Days seek to vindicate how intercultural dialogue, solidarity and civic engagement are at the core of everything the Erasmus Generation stands for. Thousands of international students from all over Europe, ESN volunteers and local communities are ready to come together and help to make a difference!” - Juan Rayón, President of the Erasmus Student Network