We are opening the call for the ESN International Board for 2023/2024, for the following positions: 

  • President
  • Vice President for Network
  • Vice President for Training and Development
  • Treasurer
  • Communication Manager 
  • Web Project Administrator

Candidate Requirements

Candidates and requirements for the candidates are defined under section 4.17 of the Standing Orders of ESN International. Concisely, these state that a candidate must:

  • Be an individual member of ESN section, belonging to the NOs or ESN an alumnus/alumna; 
  • Submit a written application (details can be found below), stating the position in the Board that they are applying for; 
  • Have a recommendation from their National Assembly:
  • This needs to be proven by the completion of a Support Letter, signed by at least 50% of all sections from their NO of origin that provides support to a candidate;
  • Be physically present and present themselves in front of the General Assembly:

Please be aware that there are unfortunately no additional GA spots allocated for candidates. For further information on specific requirements for each position, please refer to the Task Description for the International Board or contact the respective Board member.


Applications must consist of a motivation letter and a CV. We are asking all candidates to send us their CV in the Europass format. 

Candidates might send additional documents (relevant for the position), that can be, but are not limited to: map of ideas, portfolio, training accreditation, etc.

All applications are to be submitted to the GA Chairing Team ([email protected]) by the 24th of March 2023, 23:59 CET.

Also, a shortened version (max. 10 sentences) of the Candidates’ motivation and ideas needs to be provided, together with a photo (500x500px) to be integrated into the Candidates’ Blog for the online question round.

Election procedure

The prospective Candidates will be announced to the General Assembly upon the closing of the open call. The Candidate profiles will be published on qa.esn.org for the General Assembly to ask questions to the prospective Candidates. The candidacy presentation will be delivered during the upcoming Spring GA Minho 2023, which will be followed by another question round and voting. More details on this procedure will be provided by the GA Chairing Team to all Candidates closer to the time.

For more information, you can find the following documents:

  1. Statutes and Standing Orders of ESN International

  2. Task Description of the International Board

  3. Support Letter template

If you have any questions regarding the procedure to apply for a position on the International Board, don't hesitate to reach out to the current board of ESN International via [email protected].