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As the only ESN section on the island of Cyprus, ESN Nicosia holds an important role in promoting active citizenship both to international students on mobility and local students. The organisation's commitment is evident through its “We Care, We Vote” campaign, which aims to raise awareness among the Erasmus Generation about the importance of voting and participation in the upcoming EU Elections.

In its efforts to engage local students, ESN Nicosia has set up booths at universities. There, the government's online voter registration platform was promoted and the benefits of the Erasmus+ programme were showcased. Additionally, ESN Nicosia has produced a podcast in the largest student-led radio station, explaining the inner workings of the EU Parliament in a simplified manner to make political processes more accessible.

For international students on mobility, ESN Nicosia has gathered essential information on its website regarding embassies and consulates where students can vote from abroad. During orientation days at the four main universities in Nicosia, the organisation presented the gathered information and highlighted the significance of voting while on mobility. To foster engagement and learning, ESN Nicosia organises entertaining events with an educational background, such as pub quizzes themed around the EU Elections, a visit to the House of Europe and workshops.

One of the ESN Nicosia’s latest endeavours is the launch of a survey titled "Accessibility of Voting for International and Mobility Students". The results will be presented to the National Agency and other stakeholders, providing valuable insights into the challenges international students face when voting from abroad.

Moreover, in collaboration with the National Youth Council, ESN Nicosia has recently participated in the Democracy Festival, where it conducted a workshop on active citizenship and the role of mobility programmes in enhancing it.

Furthermore, the organisation had the honour of presenting its concerns to the Vice President of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas, and the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, while advocating for fundamental change by improving the status quo of voting accessibility while on mobility.

ESN Nicosia's dedication extends beyond the June elections, with a commitment to effecting lasting change in promoting active citizenship and facilitating greater participation in democratic processes. Through initiatives like these, ESN Nicosia aims to empower students to engage in political discourse and contribute to shaping the future of Cyprus and Europe as a whole.