On the 15th of June 2023, the Erasmus Student Network will close another chapter in our journey in the improvement of mobility, by hosting the final in-person conference of the Compass project. The event brings together people working in the field of international student mobility to discover the outcomes of the project and discuss how peer-to-peer communication can improve the mobility experience of students.

The conference will also be the opportunity to present the project’s results conceived to be used by a wide spectrum of Higher Education actors who will get the chance to find out:

  • The expectations and needs of students preparing their mobility process;

  • Stakeholder practices when helping students to prepare for their mobility;

  • Guide of good practices and students' mobility support framework;

  • Policy recommendations on mobility preparation.

Of course, participants will also be able to discover the Compass platform in depth and learn more about the communication toolkit that is available to support dissemination efforts. You can find the live agenda on this page.

The conference is free of charge and it will be held in person, in Brussels, in the Artemisia room of the Mundo Madou, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Registrations are mandatory and open until the 1st of June. Sports are limited, confirmation of participation will be provided after the registration deadline has passed.

Please do not register if you cannot be physically present.

The final conference is organised within the framework of the Compass project, which aims to help students prepare for their mobility by putting them in contact with students who have already gone abroad or with local students at the desired institution or destination. The consortium consists of Erasmus Student Network France (ESN France), Erasmus Student Network (ESN International), Erasmus Student Network Italy (ESN Italy) European University Foundation (EUF), University of Vienna (UW) and the University of Hertfordshire (UH).

On the same day, the third edition in the new season of Erasmus Salon organised by EUF in cooperation with ESU and ESN will take place at 5pm at the ESN Office, with the topic focusing on how to make Erasmus+ (much) more carbon neutral. If you would like to join the discussion and the networking which will follow, you can register here until the 13th of June 2023.