Happy birthday ESN! Feliz cumpleaños, Grattis på födelsedagen, Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám, Feliz aniversario, Sretan rođendan, Χρόνια Πολλά, Gelukkige verjaardag, La mulți ani, срећан рођендан, Joyeux Anniversaire, Zorionak, Wszystkiego najlepszego!

On the 16th of October 1989, Erasmus Student Network was born - and for the next 30 years, through our programmes and services we've been committed to improving international education, fostering intercultural understanding and creating positive change in society through our values. From a group of homecoming Erasmus students who joined forces to help their local exchange students in 1989 to one of the biggest student organisations in Europe shaping the future of the Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes, ESN has come a long way.




"ESN was born in a divided world. In a world where it was impossible for young people from eastern Europe to have friends from western Europe. Throughout the years, the European continent faced many challenges which led to division and isolation among the societies.  Despite all these challenges, ESN, from a small group of friends, evolved to become one of the largest youth organisations reaching from Portugal to Cyprus, from Iceland to Russia, bringing together 15.000 young people from 41 countries. At the same time Erasmus, from a mobility programme became one of the largest youth movements in Europe, creating the Erasmus Generation. ESN is proud of being an important contributor to this movement and for many years to come, we will continue fulfilling our mission in providing self-development opportunities and empowering young people not only in Europe but also beyond." - Kostis Giannidis, President of the Erasmus Student Network

Birthday messages and wishes from ESN volunteers, members, ESN and Erasmus+ Alumni, partners and stakeholders

Another 30 years of genuinely improving lives for international students - and improving the Erasmus Programme as such. - Rasmus Benke-Aberg, ESN International

My wish for ESN is to keep helping thousands of people, coming from all different backgrounds. To keep changing lives and making the world a better place. Here's to 30 more years of enriching society through international students! - Elisavet Rozaki, ESN International

My wish is simple, a truly worldwide network. I wish for Erasmus alumni and ESN ambassadors to continue sharing the value of student exchanges as a tool for intercultural understanding" - Lloyd Huitson, European Commission 

My birthday wishes for ESN is to keep the spirit of students helping students and the energy from the first general assembly to today. - Davide Capecchi, Council of Europe

I wish for the Erasmus Student Network to become the main international player in international student mobility - Oana Dumitrescu, European Commission

I love ESN for giving me an opportunity to bring something completely new in my country. I know that there are a lot of young people in Ukraine, who feel like European or world citizens. And ESN gives them the chance to show and share it. Internationalization at home - this is what ESN for me. And I wish more and more people could experience that! Многая літа! З днем народження! Happy birthday, ESN! - Tania Fedorchuk, ESN Ukraine

I wish ESN good luck with global expansion and to bring important European values and cultural understanding to the whole world - Stefan Jahnke, European University Foundation

Congratulations on 30 years of improving student mobility. -Logan Williams, Dr. Walter

One day in the future, in more than a couple of years, I would like to see ESN all over the world. I want to see it encompass and steer the wheel on this big mobility and higher education ship we all help navigate. - Vedrana Kovačić, ESN International

I wish for ESN to continue being a unique organisation in the sense of professionalisation of volunteering and keeping the same vision of enrichment of society through international students in its core. -Jose Ramón Fernandez Barrero, Pernod Ricard

For me and ASEM, the Erasmus Student Network is one of  the organisations that have the most legitimacy to work on higher education and international student mobility and I hope you continue to spread the voice of youth and keep your core values. - David Urban, ASEM

My wish for ESN is to keep growing because Erasmus will grow and there will be more opportunities for ESN volunteers and members to be present and help with integration of international students. - Bruno Castro Benito, European Commission 

For the past 30 years, ESN has helped bring students from all across Europe together to build a network of values, beliefs and a common mindset and my wish for ESN is to continue to foster this unique community that will build the European Union that we want to live in. Florian Schildheur, Junior Enterprises Europe

ESN - keep changing people's lives for more engaging and colourful! Keep uniting and showing young people that we are all beautiful and that no matter what skin colour, sexuality, gender, religion or culture another person is, we can find many many things that unite us. Keep helping students feel like home, no matter how many kilometres from home they are. -  Ala Spirytulska, ESN AGH Kraków

I hope even over the next 30 years you continue proving that differences in culture, language, and habits disappear completely when we keep our minds and hearts open, and that they are not something that sets us apart, but something that brings us together and makes life richer and more colourful. - Nikolina Đurić, ESN Novi Sad

That ESN can grow and not only reach Europe, but the whole world! - Bianca Vasconcelos, ESN Castelo Branco

ESN expanding further- opening their borders for other continents. I did Erasmus+ in Malaysia and they didn’t have ESN there. It would be nice to show the rest of the world our ESN spirit. - Sophie Rosa Hollauf, ESN Austria

I wish ESN will expand into new cities and countries, which did not yet have this amazing opportunity to experience how can they fully benefit from exchange students present in their countries/cities. - Kacper Borowiecki, ESN Poland 

I love our slogan "Students Helping Students", it makes us really different and unique. I hope to be in all the continents helping students, sharing cultures and promoting mobility all around the world. - Juanma Hita, ESN Granada

I love the way ESN makes it possible to connect with like-minded and internationally open people. I wish that our international platform meetings continue, because it does feel like a huge and colorful family - Yessi Blum, ESN Bonn

I wish ESN all the best for the next 100 years. Make sure you are still that amazing organisation that brings people together and shows them the best from all over the world. It's been a great ride since we met and I believe it will only get better. Cheers.- Jirka Beran, ESN International

My wish for ESN is to continue being a place where volunteers are passionate about mobility, about helping others and learning from best practices. ESN has changed so many lives during the last 30 years, and I am sure that it will have an even bigger impact in the future. - Ugnė Zieniūtė, ESN Lithuania

Wish all the best to such an amazing program that changes people’s lives! 

I wish for ESN to become global, to be the voice of the new generations, continuing to support mobility, sustainability and the power of internationalization and diversification in education.

I wish for it to be strong and to keep its creative and positive spirit and to inspire new people every year. - Patrick Predella, ESN International 

World domination. - Mary Wardak, ESN Sweden

ESN has taught me a lot in last 2.5 years. it has been a teacher not only to me but also to thousands of people. The main thing I like about ESN is the motto Students helping Students. I really wish ESN will be able to bring more exchange opportunities even in Asian countries and become more international.  A very happy birthday ESN - Amar Kabbinale, ESN KTU, Lithuania

Dear Erasmus student Network! Your organization is giving a lot of opportunities to realize my ideas, create a better environment for foreign students, make mistakes and learn it from them, but more importantly, to make me happy to know that there is an organization, which unites all the students from all over the world! Happy birthday to my dearest ESN! Do the great things and stay strong! <3 - Samanta Kaupaitė, ESN VMU Kaunas

ESN has helped countless young people grow, evolve and discover the world and themselves. I wish for the network to keep growing stronger and keep being this incredible place where diversity, inclusivity and friendship blooms! - Myrto Delkou, ESN AUTh

I wish ESN to keep growing its FAMILY! <3 - Kateryna Kubrak, ESN Kyiv

What I love about ESN is the fact that I got the chance to develop my skills and learn so many new things within the ESN Network, meet new and lovely people from all over Europe and of course to be able to join so amazing organised ESN Events! Within the next 30 years of ESN I would like to see "ESN Armenia" as a part of our beautiful Network to spread knowledge and diversity with each other!  Take care ESN <3 - Helena Tokmaji, ESN BFI Vienna (Austria)

I wish ESN to keep changing the world and making so many people happy. It changes my lifestyle during my Erasmus+ experience and it definitely has changed it as a volunteer of the organization. I just hope this organization keeps growing and growing, fighting and generating impact in the fields of education and society. I LOVE YOU ESN! - Manuel Ángel Reyes Resta, ESN Spain and ESN Sevilla

I wish to ESN to become more successful, keeping to involve students from Europe and improve our society all together behind a common goal! Happy Birthday ESN - Vincent Ricci, ESN Belgium

The best memory that made me embrace the Erasmus Student Network was the connection and interaction with peers from other countries, cultures and traditions, who were focused on the idea of "Students Helping Students". I wish this idea become global someday in the future.

Happy 30 years ESN anniversary! - George Fourfouris, ESN UOPA

More of a focus on cultural exchange, academic discussion and local social engagement for all students who want a global experience. Especially in the UK, more cooperation between ESN sections and other local societies. - Lars Martinez Ridley, ESN Warwick 

I wish ESN to be a unified and recognisable brand among all students worldwide.

I wish ESN many more years of general love in diversity! - Lina Mohorić, ESN Rijeka

Happy birthday you legend! Cheers to more Erasmus babies!

ESN is a place for anyone from anywhere to help students, have an impact and grow as a person. All of this whilst having fun and making friends from all over the world. In the past 30 years, ESN has made a difference to the lives of tens of thousands. I truly believe that this will turn into hundreds of thousands in the next 30. Slowly but steadily, ESN will unite the youth in Europe and beyond, making the world a healthier, more accepting and enjoyable place for everyone. - Anna Stepankova, ESN City London

I love how ESN is bringing people together. I want to thank you for bringing me great and motivated people. What do I wish for the next 30 years of ESN? - Just stay as awesome as you are and spread the word about "students helping students" (because together we can do much more). Sretan rođendan ESN. - Lara Dobric, ESN Rijeka

I love the ESN spirit and my wish for the next 30 years is for it to keep on uniting people from every corner of the world being them Erasmus students or ESN volunteers ♥️ - Beatriz Lamy, ESN Portugal

I love that it connects people from all over Europe and people who would probably not normally meet were it not for their common passion for exploring new cultures, learning new languages and travelling. I love that each individual can choose their own ESN journey based on their interests and that on this journey, they gain a great number of skills and grow enormously. I wish you, dear ESN, to never forget about your main mission - students helping students - to remain humble, yet ambitious and keep shaping the current and future generation of Europeans! - Andrea Bittnerová, ESN MUNI Brno

To grow and be able to spread the message of diversity, inclusivity and love across the globe<3

Keep young people aware of their rights and possibilities. Keep us as motivated as for the last 30 years. Give us more opportunities to develop ourselves and by us, the whole network. Let's make the next years even greater thanks to the power of being together. - Patrycja Woszczek, ESN International

Happy Birthday to our beloved Network!  I hope our family will keep getting bigger and successful, always setting the example of unity in diversity, making young people's lives more complete, and making a huge impact on our society!  May many more years of students helping students to come! Χρόνια Πολλά ESN!!!!! <3 - Chrys Andrianakou, ESN International

That we keep remembering what is the main concept of our organization - students helping students. And that we enjoy a lot of fun while helping. - Steinbach, ESN UCT PRAGUE

I wish ESN to be a stronger global student network representing students and working for the needs of all students around the world. Erasmus Student Network has done a great job in terms of helping students in their integration procedure into local communities in their host universities as well as creating self-development and intercultural opportunities not only for Erasmus Generation but also for local youth. I hope that we will be a more powerful, bigger, and stronger student union led by Unity in Diversity and Students Helping Students values. - Ali Taghiyev, ESN Azerbaijan

Keep the ESN spirit, celebrate unity in diversity and continue making mobility better for all students from all over the world! - Angela Russo, ESN International

I remember joining ESN after my Erasmus with the willingness of creating ESN in Azerbaijan. These years were full of challenges and amazing experiences which lead to the birth of the young activist who fights for mobility, quality education and other human rights. ESN is changing the world, ESN makes you better in all the areas that you want to develop. ESN is the place that I find myself and I believe I belong there. I found my love in ESN. I wish to celebrate the 60th birthday of ESN with former ESNers. I just want to see how new ESN volunteers are working hard for inclusivity, mobility and unity in diversity. All the values that we gained, all the things that ESN gave to me... It is never enough to say: “Thank you, ESN, thank you!”. Because ESN deserves all of these efforts and work that we put. One day we will celebrate another decade of ESN and I hope till that time we will manage to expand and make ESN more global and more inclusive space!  Thank you, Erasmus Student Network! - Gumru Aliyeva, ESN ADA Baku