One week to go!

Join the European Interns’ Day on 18 July: - end unpaid internship

1)     Join the protest at Place du Luxembourg at 12.30 to ensure that internships lead to jobs! - Stand Up For Youth Employment! #InternsDay

2)     Discuss solutions at our Interns’ Day conference hosted by the European Parliament – “Quality internships: Ways forward” (Be careful, early registration mandatory at

Want to know more?

The EID has 3 main objectives:
1) Raise awareness about interns’ precarious conditions in Europe;
2) Call for new solutions to boost youth employment through internships with fair remuneration and quality training;
3) Launch the 1st European Label for Quality Internships developed by InternsGoPro
 and partners.

Internships have become a requirement to get a job as they can bridge the skills gap between education and work, but strikingly the majority of them do not fulfil this purpose. Among the 4.5 million interns per year in Europe, 59% are unpaid, 40% work without a contract and 30% complete internships that do not provide any learning content except coffee-making skills. This hinders youth employability and creates social inequality. 
The European Interns' Day wants to change this situation.