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ESNblog is a place for young people to discover more about mobility, multiculturalism and the opportunities they have. You will find answers to your questions, study tips, real Erasmus and travel stories that will put a smile on your face while daydreaming about your next destination.

Us, the writers, we are ESN volunteers, active citizens with different backgrounds who share the same values. We strive towards a more diverse and inclusive society. We believe education is not only formal and mobility plays an important role in personal development.

Get to know us and let’s embrace diversity together!

Anastasia Sazonova

Press Team Coordinator

Sabina Achim
Myrto Delkou

Natalia Gordon

I joined the ESNblog team in Autumn 2016 and became the Team Coordinator in August 2018. I've loved writing since I was a little girl, so being able to write and edit texts for the ESNblog is a dream come true! The best part of my work here is diversity - there are always so many various topics to cover. Yet, my favorite ones are people’s personal stories, as you get the chance to meet the main characters of your stories in real life (via Skype) and share their experience with the whole Erasmus generation.

I joined the ESNblog team at the end of 2016, curious to meet more ESNers passionate about communication. I've enjoyed scribbling on paper ever since I was a kid and I am open to write about anything you’d like to read, but what makes my heart sing most is travelling. My name is Myrto and what you need to know about me is I love writing and I love music. I joined the ESNblog team in spring 2018. I fell in love with writing when I learned how to write, I've been writing non-stop ever since and now I've found a community in which everyone loves to do what I love to do and that has given me inspiration to keep going, to write more, to try different things and to keep expressing myself through words on paper. My favorite thing in the world, whether it's through writing or music, is telling a story and seeing people relate to it, love it, make it part of their own stories.  I joined the ESNblog team in the winter of 2016 but my journey with writing started way earlier. My mum always tells a story about how determined I was as a child to learn how to write so I could put my words on paper. Now, I still enjoy writing my thoughts down, but I also love writing about many different subjects... From my thoughts, through stories and poems, to travel articles - words always were my friends.

Vasiliki Kati

Laura Klusaitė

Guillaume Minot

Tajana Mohnacki

My name is Vasiliki and I joined the ESNblog in spring 2018. One of the things I like the most is writing, it helps me express myself and at the same time discover more about me and the world through words on paper, that is why I always pay attention to people, trying to find the hidden story behind them. As a lover of the sea and the sun , summer travelling is my favourite kind of travelling. Self expression is a powerful procedure and mine is on paper or on a dance stage.

I joined the ESNblog team in spring 2017 - after 3 years of writing (and doing different things) in ESN on the local level. However, I actually started writing way before that; still remember some short stories I wrote back in primary school. Now I work with articles and writers every day and I love writing about things I'm passionate about - ESN, volunteering and travelling. My name is Guillaume, your friendly Franco-Scandinavian writer who joined the ESNblog team in November 2017. As writing goes, I like to write about pretty much anything that pops into my head, but I guess you could say my comfort zone is humor. I like to make people laugh in my daily social interactions and I guess that’s what you’ll find in some of my articles, but for the blog I’m trying to diversify my topics and challenge myself (just a bit - I still like to write after all). I joined the ESNblog team in December 2015 - I have been an active writer for a little less than two years before I became a Team Coordinator for 1 year. I have enjoyed and have a habit to write since I was very young. Outside of the borders of formal education, my main focus was fiction - very, very long fiction. So, writing short and fact-driven articles for the ESNblog has been quite a challenge, one I’m still mastering!

Stefania Papameti

Kevin Piperal

Lucie Vachova

Anna Wojtkiewicz
I've always been told I was a child with an imagination a bit too vivid for their own good, but if you ask me I wouldn't change it for anything! Bringing ideas into life is one of the most exciting things to me and that's what motivated me to join the ESNblog team in May 2018. If there's anything I hope to contribute to it is encouraging more people to escape their comfort zone and be the happiest version of themselves! Me and the ESNblog found each other in the summer 69. Or was it 2017? In any case, we matched! I enjoy writing about random stuff and it seems that sometimes people like to read it too. On the ESNblog we often feature articles about travelling and living abroad, which suits me well as that's pretty much what I have been doing in the recent year. I also like advertising. And cheesecake, I like that a lot too. Originally coming from the Czech Repulic but with a wander heart opened to any adventure. Thus in 2016 I tried my luck and joined the ESNblog team. The idea came hand in hand with thought to establish my own travel blog. You guess it right that my favourite topic to write about is wandering around world but I also enjoy writing about ESN events and some other untraditional topics. My journey in ESN started in 2016, but I've been writing since I remember. In middle high school and high school I was sending my articles to the school's newspaper. Those were mostly literature reviews and even now it is my favourite topic to cover. My second passion to talk about, write about or just stare at are cats. If I see a nice cat, it will make my day. Sometimes I like to share psychology-themed works.


           Paulina Wyrwas


                    Ugnė Zieniūtė
I joined the ESNblog team in November 2017 as a result of my growing interest in writing. I am very passionate about healthy lifestyle, so I mostly enjoy writing about topics connected with food and fitness, but also some self-development articles every once in a while. With my texts I hope to inspire people to take care about their mental and physical well-beeling. I have to admit that writing has always felt like a getaway for me, since there is nothing better than expressing your thoughts, ideas and feelings either on a piece of paper or online. That is why joining the ESNblog team seemed to be the next natural step in my ESN life. I was a little bit afraid of knowing that so many people will be able to read my texts, but now it makes me feel proud. Personally, I love writing in a way which would make ESNers and Erasmus students feel nostalgic or make them want to study abroad. Creating that connection between the writer and the readers is what means the most to me.    
Sleep is an essential part of our lives, yet many of us neglect it completely. In a hectic life we rarely get enough hours of rest, not to mention its quality, and we may not even realise the consequences. It’s time to take better care of yourself!

No matter whether you are an experienced volunteer or are just thinking about joining a volunteer organisation, this quiz will help you understand better what volunteer path fits you best. Good luck!

Prepared by Dora David

Are we so different or is it just our appearance? It is said that all nations differ in culture, customs, the way of thinking, and many other things. But is it really true? Let’s see if it is based on the example of Taiwan.
Erasmus has its fair share of stereotypes and myths that surround the programme, but it is time to put an end to it. What can you truly expect from your studies abroad and which myths should we say goodbye to?
Do you remember your first crush? Can you recall how exhilarating it felt when you first met and you realised they hold a special place in your heart? What if I told you that it’s possible to feel the same way about a city?
This might feel like a very personal piece, but above all it is meant to highlight the inspiration, skills, and self exploration that leaving your comfort zone can bring, whether that’s an exchange, volunteering or simply being honest with yourself.