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Zieniūtė Ugnė Thursday, 22 March, 2018 - 07:58

Why Exchange Studies are Suitable for Introverts

Are you an introvert who is unsure about studying abroad? Moving abroad is an important step in a person’s life, so learn beforehand what you can expect from the experience.

Have you ever seen a flyer or any other type of a promotional material for exchange studies, but decided such an experience isn’t for you because you have an introverted personality and such a drastic change in your life seems too much out of your comfort zone? The idea of studying abroad can sound quite exciting, but thinking about big crowds, or getting lost in a foreign city, or first meeting, or whatever else causes negative feelings in you could easily scare you off from even applying. However, studying abroad is your perfect chance to overcome your fears.

Not a universal experience

If you consider yourself to be an introverted person, then you probably prefer staying inside your comfort zone and surrounding yourself with people you truly trust and know to begin with. It can be quite difficult to decide to study abroad because it might seem like you have to say goodbye to your old life and daily routine. It is common to start doubting your decision and to give into anxiety, but there is truly no need for that. Everyone experiences study exchanges in a different way, and the experience will not change you unless you want it to.

Create your own rules

Moreover, exchange studies are more than what you might have heard about them. Think of them as a chance to experience different cultures, to spend some time reflecting on various life choices, and to simply find yourself in situations that will further your development. The beauty of studying abroad lies in knowing that your experience is completely up to you. It means that you are never obliged to involve yourself in activities you feel are completely out of your comfort zone. For example, many exchange students consider Erasmus+ to be the best way to expand their academic knowledge because they have a possibility to learn from professors from other countries, and not everyone can say they have had that opportunity.  

On the other hand, if you ever ask students from your university who have already studied abroad, it is likely that they will mention partying and meeting new people among the aspects they remember the most. However, this does not mean that their experience has to become your reality. If going out every night is not exactly what you feel comfortable with, know that there are so many other activities waiting for you. For instance, you can easily find new hobbies or even organisations, either at your university or off campus. It is safe to say that the opportunities are endless when you are staying abroad. Some people even call it a chance to start a new life.

In charge of your own destiny

Another quite popular activity during exchange studies is travelling, and people usually imagine that it is done only in big groups, which is not entirely true. If you do not want to be constantly surrounded by others and just need to take a break from everything, then travel somewhere on your own! This way you will be able to make all the major decisions on your own. Also, this type of travel is really rewarding since you have complete freedom to wander anywhere your heart tells you to go. Exploring beautiful cities alone can make you feel like you are in a lovely movie, so you just need a few songs and a phone or camera to take photos.

Still feeling unsure whether you should apply for exchange studies? The answer is yes! It is a perfect opportunity to explore other cultures, live in a beautiful town and eventually fall in love with it. Moreover, there is no need to feel like you might not belong there because you will easily find your new favourite place to buy coffee or tea at, and the nicest park to wander around whenever you want. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

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