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Marianna Papadopoulou Sunday, 5 July, 2020 - 11:27

Virtual Concert: 10 Great Albums Released During the Global Lockdown

Friendly reminder for brighter days: when the world sucks, listen to some music. When you’re tired of replaying the same old music, don’t miss out on the chance to explore and discover new releases!

Quarantine was undoubtedly a very challenging period of our lives that is fortunately over in many countries. On the bright side, our generation has easy access to a huge amount of entertainment sources. Music has probably been our best friend through this time. It accompanied us daily for long hours and helped us build a refuge from our dark thoughts.
Some artists saw an opportunity during the lockdown to find a profitable way to express their emotions. In any case, during the past two months, a lot of fresh music has been released. Since we are not going to attend any concerts for a while, let’s enjoy some new remarkable albums.

flora cash - Baby, It’s Okay

We’ve already heard some of the album’s songs, as they were released as singles in 2018, 2019 and even the beginning of 2020 before the album's official release in March 2020. The indie-pop duo make an unusual suggestion throughout the 12 balladesque tracks. Tension vibes and melodic synths form the main characteristics of the ballads. The track 'Electricity' seems to be the only one with a more dynamic tempo.

Circa Waves - Sad Happy

A pure indie-rock double album, separated and released in two parts ('Happy' in January & 'Sad' in March). Even though the two sides aim to represent  “this tech-saturated, highly insecure age”, it perfectly fits the different aspects of “staying at home”.
If you are fascinated by this album, there is some good news: 'Sadder, Happier - The Box Room Recordings', released on May 20th, contains unplugged editions with missing lyrics of the latest releases.

Monophonics - It’s Only Us

When living in a surreal era, psychedelic tunes are clearly an escape from reality. This album couldn’t be described as a mood booster, Monophonics remind us of their unique combination of psychedelic rock, heavy funk, classic soul and soulful vocals. Their last album was released in March and is slightly different than what we might have been used to.

Sufjan Stevens - Aporia

This album is the professional collaboration between Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather, Lowell Brams. The name of the album is actually a Greek word (meaning puzzlement or doubt), as well as 6 of the 21 tracks. As the creators said, “we hope that listening to this album will help you find the means, the hope and the courage that you need”. Half of the album’s income will be donated to an NGO that offers food to people in need during the pandemic.

Peach Pit - You and Your Friends

Back in April, a new addition arrived in the indie-pop music scene. The Canadian band Peach Pit released their second full-length album. Most of the songs refer to themes that deal with the fear of abandonment as well as moving on from break-ups. The song 'Shampoo Bottles' stands out as the best one.

Chromatics - Faded Now

This album was literally a surprise, as there wasn't an announcement about its release and no one expected a new album just 6 months after their last one, 'Closer to Grey' from October 2019. Although calling it new is relative in this case as  'Faded now'  mostly includes bonus tracks from the deluxe edition of their last album and a few new ones. It is a classic electronic and synth-wave Chromatics album.

The Strokes - The New Abnormal

After a seven-year-long break, The Strokes released their sixth studio album, in April 2020, which perfectly fits the current global situation. Even though it contains pleasant indie rock, new-wave and post-punk sounds, you feel like you‘ve sort of already listened to it before. Nostalgic 80s’ vibes dominate the sound of the album. You could say that it’s a nice album to help the listener feel comfort.

Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bold Cutters

This could be defined as quarantine’s most unique album, if not the most remarkable. The American singer Fiona Apple released her fifth album in April, after an eight-year hiatus. Rooted in experimentation, it resists genre categorisation and is the result of percussion orchestras.  It could be described as an instant classic and Apple’s best work to date. The title quotes a line from the TV Series  'The Fall'.

Parov Stelar - Voodoo Sonic, (The Trilogy Pt.2)

After a period of several ups and downs, our favourite leader of electro swing, Parov Stelar returned by releasing  'Voodoo Sonic, The Trilogy.'  ‘Part. 1’ was released back in late 2019,  ‘Pt. 2’ came to light in April, and we just got a small taste of the ‘Pt. 3’, with the song 'Tango Del Fuego'. Definitely a must-listen album, simply reaffirming why he is the master of his kind.

Blossoms -If You Think This Is Real Life (In Isolation)

The last release belongs to the uprising English band, Blossoms. It has been a while since we last heard from them, as their last album  'Fooling Loving Spaces'  was released on the 31st of January 2020. Quarantine seems like a creativity contest, and here we are now four months later with a new album.  Released on the 25th of May 2020, it includes 6 songs,  including remakes from the band’s older songs and covers. 

Of course, these ten suggestions consist of only a sample of the music that has been released during the past three months! We hope that you’ve enjoyed your journey and discovered new music crushes, as well as a new path of exploration!

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