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Top takeout places to treat yourself in lockdown

Nothing beats eating out in a restaurant or going out for a few drinks, but considering the current global situation, takeout is the way forward.

And there are plenty of different restaurants – and even bars – that have adapted their usual service to offer delicious takeaway options. The only challenge is deciding what you want to eat…Whether you just need a break from cooking or you’re craving a taste of somewhere you were meant to travel to, do yourself a favour and order takeout. You deserve it! Wherever you are (at home or on Erasmus), take a look at TWISPER’s favourite takeout places across Europe and get inspired for your meal. Don’t forget to share your faves on the app too!


Who doesn’t love a Chinese takeaway? Voted the favourite takeout of numerous nations, it’s the ideal delicious comfort food when you don’t want to cook. Take it to the next level and order from somewhere like Amsterdam’s iconic Sea Palace. Well worth a visit after lockdown too, thanks to its location in a Chinese-style palace on the canal, this is the place to go for authentic Chinese takeout. Plus, if you fancy something different, they also do their legendary dim sum to takeaway too!


Spice up your dinner with some mouth-watering Thai food. Light soups, spicy salads and aromatic curries make Thai cuisine seriously delicious. If you happen to live in Berlin, you can embrace the street food market experience as if you’re actually in Southeast Asia, grabbing traditional delicacies from the Thai food market that takes place in Preußenpark on weekends. And if your city doesn’t have its own authentic street food market, your local Thai restaurant is sure to fill that craving too. One of our favourites is the exquisite Pui’s Thai Tapas in Madrid for incredibly flavorful traditional Thai cuisine.


If you can’t have your very own expert sushi chef create their masterpieces for you in your very own home, sushi takeout is the next best option. Lots of places do DIY sushi kits these days, which is a lot of fun, but we love leaving this skilled cuisine to the experts. Thankfully, so many places offer amazing fresh sushi to go. Berger Streetfood - Fusion Sushi in Frankfurt serves fusion sushi with plenty of vegan options and a street food vibe, so you can pretend you’re travelling when you pick it up. Lyon’s Miko Sushi offers world-class preparation and beautiful sushi that you’ll be putting straight on Instagram!


OK, so we’d much prefer to be enjoying our Korean BBQ with a side of karaoke in the restaurant itself, but until that’s safe, takeout from our favourite Korean restaurants will have to do. Just crack out the SingStar on PlayStation for the full effect! On the Bab, with several locations in London and one in Paris, are creating their delicious Korean delights for takeout and delivery.

Fried Chicken

Got a craving for southern American classics? Sometimes, indulgent fried food is exactly what the doctor ordered. Elephant & Castle Temple Bar in Dublin and across Ireland do incredible fried chicken, burgers and plenty of options for junk food-loving vegans too. Top tip: leave room for one of their decadent desserts (hot fudge sundae anyone?)!

Can’t decide between Korean food or fried chicken? Look no further than Hero in Paris. Their spice-loaded Korean fried chicken is to die for. Get us to Paris, please.


Don’t get us wrong, we love Dominos. In fact, we love pretty much all pizza indiscriminately. But when you’ve got that craving for real Neapolitan pizza, you’ve just got to indulge it. If you’re in Naples itself, of course, you have to order from the legendary Da Michele. Believe us, it’s well worth the hype. The great news is, you’ll also find countless great, authentic Neapolitan pizza all across Europe, from La Pizza e Bella in Brussels to nNea Pizza in Amsterdam and Putte’s Bar and Pizza in Helsinki.


Simple, varied and packed full of flavour, Indian cuisine is one of our favourite takeout options. Whether you always order the same curry or you pick a new thing to try every time, Dishoom is a must-try in London. Inspired by Irani cafes in Mumbai, the restaurants serve delicious, authentic dishes from all over India. Order for dinner or mix things up by getting their DIY bacon naan roll kit (and their signature cocktails) for a unique twist on your weekend breakfast!


In lieu of a Spanish vacation, indulging in tapas takeout at home will have to satisfy your cravings! Pick a sunny day, make yourself a pitcher of sangria and order some typical Spanish delicacies from an authentic restaurant like Munich’s La Tasca Flamenca or Mojo Picon in Warsaw.


Alternatively, if you fancy taking your tastebuds somewhere a little further afield, how about a taco-way? Restaurants like the excellent Hija de Sanchez in Copenhagen not only serve their authentic Mexican tacos to takeout, but they also sell DIY and brunch kits so you can get creative and enjoy an interactive meal.


Last but by no means least on our takeout inspiration list is the humble, delicious kebab. A firm favorite is Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap. We’ve definitely recommended this Berlin institution before, which just goes to show how great it is. With meaty or veggie options, it’s ideal for a quick and filling meal to go.

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