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Alina Dubinina Tuesday, 16 February, 2016 - 11:20

Top destinations for Erasmus – grab the opportunity!

Have you ever dreamt of going far from home and having an unforgettable adventure?

Erasmus+ is an excellent opportunity to leave home and live a life somewhere far away with other open-minded and outgoing people. We will now take a small trip around Europe and check out the most popular towns for exchange. Each of them has something special to offer; in addition, the local ESN sections do an amazing job in order to create an unforgettable experience for the Erasmus students. So, let’s begin!


Our first stop is a country of eternal sun, wonderful beaches and rich history –  it is the first choice among the Erasmus destinations. Does your heart melt when you hear the Spanish language? Are you an outgoing person who enjoys spending evenings with your friends at a local restaurant whilst trying all the seafood? Are you a history geek wishing to learn more about Europe’s past? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions then it’s time to pack your suitcases and move to Spain!


This is the most popular city among the exchange students. University of Granada is one of the best in the world, Alhambra is simply breathtaking and the delicious tapas will get you addicted forever! The narrow streets and endless teterias create a special atmosphere in the city. You can also go skiing at Sierra Nevada, how wonderful is that?

ESN Granada welcomes all the new students and offers a lot of different trips and events. Go to their website before your Erasmus and find out all the awesomeness that is waiting for you!

ESN Granada



Two universities and plenty of students make this a city full of life during the day and all night long! This is a city of fireworks, football (a visit to Mestalla is a must!), horchata and unforgettable fiestas! If you plan your exchange during the spring semester – get ready for a lot of noise during Las Fallas – one of the biggest festivities in Spain. There are two ESN sections in Valencia, one for each University - and double happiness!

ESN Valencia UPV

ESN en  UV

United Kingdom

Fancy an afternoon tea? Or maybe you are crazy Harry Potter fan and can’t wait to see the places where it was filmed? Are you Sherlock-ed? How about discovering the meaning of Stonehenge? Erasmus in the United Kingdom will give you a nice British accent, lots of wonderful experiences and memories. Remember to look right when crossing the road!


“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life;
for there is, in London, all that life can afford."
-Samuel Johnson.

London is a huge city full of students: several London Universities are among the top-100 best higher-education institutions in the world. Each district has its own soul and mood: you will never get bored! If you happen to get bored - ESN is always there to change your mood. London is the birthplace of three sections with awesome ideas and great crews!

ESN City London- City University London

ESN Imperial - Imperial College London

ESN Westminster - University of Westminster


Czech Republic

Situated in the heart of Europe, this place attracts students with its lively atmosphere and wonderful nature.



The capital of Czech Republic is full of Erasmus students. Why? With truly stunning architecture, wonderful student life and famous universities – it is a perfect mix for a great exchange experience! Five ESN sections (!) welcome new Erasmus students and offer plenty of unforgettable events!

ISC CTU in Prague - Czech Technical University in Prague       

ESN CULS Prague - Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

IC CUNI - Charles University in Prague

ESN UCT Prague - University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

ESN VSE - Prague University of Economics, Prague


Mamma mia! In Italy, they speak two languages at the same time: Italian and the language of gestures. Italian food is famous all over the world: pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagna… We bet you can’t wait to experience that!



The University of Bologna is one of the best higher education institutions in the world. Students from all over Europe dream of an exchange semester in Bologna with its rich student life, delicious Italian food and a great ESN section. It has everything you need for an unforgettable Erasmus time! ESN Bologna will make sure you don't miss any important student events in the city!


ESN Bologna




Many people think that anything said in French sounds like a love confession. How wonderful  would it be to go to the country of love, and of delicious food, for an Erasmus experience, right? A lot of other students are thinking the same thing, which makes this country a very popular destination for an exchange experience.



The city of light, a synonym to romance, this city is extremely attractive for exchange students. The universities in Paris are very famous for their quality of education. As a capital city, Paris offers a lot of free-time activities for everyone, and a nighttime walk past the Eiffel tower is unforgettable. ESN in Paris is very active and friendly: you can check out all the events they offer here:

ESN Paris


The Netherlands

A country of bikes, the colour orange, smiles and fun - it’s a perfect mix for Erasmus, don't you agree? The Netherlands is famous for its quality of education, tall people and wonderful history and art: we are sure you have heard the name Vincent Van Gogh before! It’s time to pack your suitcases, folks!


Stunning architecture, bikes all around, friendly people and high-quality education all wait for you in this wonderful city. The two ESN sections in Amsterdam will make sure you have an unforgettable time. Plus the interesting museums and rich history of the city can't leave you indifferent! Sign up for all the ESN activities!

ISN Amsterdam

ESN VU Amsterdam


Mobility is an amazing opportunity to travel, to embrace a foreign culture and gain valuable experiences whilst living and studying abroad. No matter where you go for your Erasmus – you will definitely have fun and enjoy the place.  There are, of course, many more amazing places in Europe but a simple blog post is not enough to describe them all. ESN is always here for you to provide some great activities, check out the closest one to you on THIS MAP.

See you soon!

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