Friday, 5 April, 2019 - 14:55

Three years of ESNblog!

We are getting older but the youthful spirit remains! Thank you for reading and supporting the Voice of the Erasmus Generation!

To celebrate the third anniversary of ESNblog, we’re bringing you our 5 most read articles:

1. The magic of Erasmus Reunions

The time passed but the Erasmus friendships last forever. What part do Erasmus reunions play in helping you keep such friendships alive?

2. Erasmus love story

Could you ever imagine that a group of internationals could be a dedicated squad of baby-sisters? Discover the story of Lorena and Adrien, from Erasmus love to an Erasmus baby!

3. 5 reasons why you should never go on Erasmus

Erasmus is a truly life-changing experience, but as every adventure, it has some consequences you must face up. Are you the same person as before?

4. My dear pre-Erasmus self

Millions of doubts filled your head before going abroad. Which advice would you give to the person that left their home a few months ago to live the Erasmus experience?

5. I have depression yet I did Erasmus

Everybody talks about post-Erasmus depression, but what about if you suffer from it before going on exchange? Take a look into the article and learn how it feels like!

If you’ve just discovered the ESNblog, this is just the beginning! 

We have much more fascinating stories for you, so keep exploring and stay tuned for more great articles!  


Erasmus, Culture
The first ESN Section in the Spotlight of this academic year takes us to the capital of Sicily, in the south of Italy. This month, we’re diving into the history and mission of ESN Palermo.
After visiting Athens, you will soon become aware of why the ancient gods chose Greece as the place to practice their hedonistic lifestyle.
You are going on Erasmus in winter and have no idea what to expect? Then read this article if you want to get prepared for your next adventure in life!
The story of Simon - a guy who has spent a total of 18 months on international exchanges - is a must-read if you are having doubts about going on your first Erasmus, or second, or third!
It’s a time in your life where your main goal will be to enjoy life and explore the world. Don’t put pressure on yourself on what the end result should be like, as it’s something experienced differently by everyone.
“Four years ago, I made a decision that changed my life forever: going on Erasmus to Brussels. Years later, I admit that Erasmus can change your life twice, even living both experiences in the same city!”