How to Survive Winter Holidays Away From Home

Have you been waiting for winter holidays all this time? That’s understandable - afterall, we are talking about the most exciting time of the year! But what to do when you can’t spend this time of the year with your loved ones?Read more
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The Role of Mobility in a Socially Inclusive Society

While abroad, we become more aware of similarities and differences that bring people together and observe things beyond our own reality.Read more
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Psychologically Speaking: The Erasmus Experience

Erasmus is one of those adventures which can’t be forgotten - we don’t feel the same when we come back. Read more
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The beauty of Asia and the benefits of sunscreen

A thrilling travel story that could make you wipe away your post-Erasmus tears and pack for Asia right now!Read more
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Reality check time: Erasmus is over

The end of your Erasmus programme might feel like the end of the world you currently live in, but the world after your Erasmus will be even better.Read more
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Fears of Returning Home

Mel’s Mapa Mundi: “I am afraid of forgetting who I have turned into and going back to being the person I used to be.”Read more
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7 reasons to befriend international students – or to become one!

It is often said that going abroad is the best life experience. Mel - a blogger and a former Erasmus student - the girl with wanderlust is how she prefers to call herself - pointed out a few reasons why it is so great to be in an international environmentRead more
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Thirty Candles, Thirty Years of the Erasmus+ Generations

What you should know about the biggest European student mobility programme.Read more
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Chile: your new exchange destination

The Santiago Exchange Network (SEN) expands our horizons as a partner organisation of the Erasmus Student Network.Read more
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14 countries, 0 Budget

My little European trip in more than 30 cities and a total distance of over 4500 kilometres.Read more
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