Once an ESNer, Always an ESNer

Once you become a part of something big, it stays with you. ESN is no exception. What can be bigger than the biggest international student organisation in Europe that has the same goals and values as you do?Read more
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The Role of Mobility in a Socially Inclusive Society

While abroad, we become more aware of similarities and differences that bring people together and observe things beyond our own reality.Read more
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Regional Platforms are over - what now?

If you’ve experienced your first Regional Platform this year then you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed. What are you supposed to do with this new knowledge? In collaboration with ICE, we’re here to steer you in the proper direction!Read more
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#myESNcareer: Focus on Business

Have you ever dreamed of working for a big multinational company? Here’s how ESN can help you enjoy a great career in one.Read more
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The beauty of Asia and the benefits of sunscreen

A thrilling travel story that could make you wipe away your post-Erasmus tears and pack for Asia right now!Read more
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Keep calm and join a Section Cooperation

“We left with only one wish: to come back next year”Read more
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Students helping students

It all began in 1987 with a group of pioneer exchange students. Read more
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8 best practices of the SocialErasmus Week

Great ideas lead to other great ideas. Check out some of the best practices of the SocialErasmus Week and let us bring change into our world!Read more
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How do introverts fit into ESN?

Our network relies greatly on internal communication and teamwork, and its development depends on networking. So, how do people who predominantly don’t excel in those things fit into the picture? Continue reading to find out! Read more

How ESN can give your career a push

Use your ESN experience and contacts to learn how to positively reshape your professional future.Read more
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