The endless world of what-ifs, by someone going on Erasmus during a global pandemic

Erasmus stands for having a whole lot of fun and making lifelong memories, while studying abroad with people from different cultural backgrounds, but what happens when there’s a global pandemic?Read more
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World Mental Health Day - Building Bridges & Tearing Down Walls

Let's make this year's Mental Health Day the day we tear down the walls that separate us from our fellows, let us connect through our diversity and build new bridges. We are a singularity divided into 7 billion bodies.Read more
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Is it better to fit in or embrace the new?

We have all been there: getting into a new environment and not knowing anything about it. There are two ways to handle it - which one will you choose?Read more
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Erasmus+ Explained - Most asked questions about the most successful European Programme

A series of frequently asked questions, answers and useful links in one place for Erasmus+ students, volunteers and trainees.Read more
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Tough Times? Tougher Volunteers

The previous months have been tough for everyone. But there were some people who, despite the fears, worked on ameliorating the lives of others. The ESN volunteers were some of those people. We should celebrate that when the world needed us, we delivered.Read more
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Why Are We Waiting For Tomorrow to Start Living?

We’re always talking about getting on with our lives. Well, we are. We get on with our lives. This is it. Maybe the problem is that I’ve always been driven by my wants. My life’s always been about tomorrow. And the idea that life is now… it’s horrible.Read more
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When motivated volunteers join forces - ESN section in the spotlight July 2020

This month's stage lights are shining bright on ESN UNWE, a sunlit section from Bulgaria. While 2020 seems disastrous to everyone else, it turns out that ESN UNWE have managed to make it their year. Keep reading to find out what kind of magic they used.Read more
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How an Internship Compares to Student Life

From social life to daily routine and living environment, a student exchange is in many aspects a different world from an internship. This article will look at observations of an Erasmus enthusiast for whom one experience just wasn’t enough.Read more
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LGBTQ+ & Proud: The Community on Erasmus

Going on Erasmus can be all about rediscovering yourself. But being part of the LGBTQ+ community can be tricky. Here are some testimonials from people in the community who went abroad. Read more
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What makes our section really special is the atmosphere of support and encouragement. (...) I got this team spirit when I joined the section and found it the most captivating. Your ideas, feedback... that’s all welcome.
It’s spring, we’re desperate to get away, but it still doesn’t look like international travel will happen anytime soon. But don’t worry!
From an early age, everyone teaches us that it is important to be kind and to treat others with respect and understanding. They teach us not to raise our voices, to remain calm, and not to pour out our anger on others.
Volunteering not only gives you friends for life, but also unknowingly equips you for job interviews and prepares you for the scary ‘real world’. Here are the most common skills from volunteering you’ve most likely developed without realising!
Doing an ESC in the middle of a pandemic is not for everyone, but I’m proof that it can be a life-changing learning experience if you go into it without high expectations and with a flexible attitude.
Culture shock is never easy to grasp. We come from different backgrounds, regions, countries and ethnic groups.