Why Study Abroad in a Small Country?

Choosing a country for your studies abroad can be a tough decision to make, so choose wisely.Read more
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Everything You Need to Know About Erasmus+ Traineeships

Erasmus+ offers scholarships to students lasting up to 12 months per study cycle. But only a handful know that this period can be used for an internship, not only for a study exchange program. It’s easier than it seems!Read more
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The Role of Mobility in a Socially Inclusive Society

While abroad, we become more aware of similarities and differences that bring people together and observe things beyond our own reality.Read more
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The importance of non-formal and informal learning in Erasmus+ projects

You have always wanted to know more about the perks of participating in an Erasmus+ project? This article will make you wish you have already handed in an application, or ten.Read more
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10 Lecturers Every Erasmus Student Will Encounter

There are certain types of professors we just can’t avoid despite our best efforts. And although there are some we wouldn't even contemplate taking a break from, there are definitely a couple which we wouldn't mind missing a lecture or ten from.Read more

Advance Your Language Level During Your Erasmus

How to get that advanced language level you know you can.Read more
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Psychologically Speaking: The Erasmus Experience

Erasmus is one of those adventures which can’t be forgotten - we don’t feel the same when we come back. Read more
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The Journey of Self-discovery

This isn’t a story about the one who broke my heart, nor the one who pieced it back together. This is a story with much more meaning, a story about how I was changed into the person I am today.Read more
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A Sneak Peek Into #MyErasmusCrib - Manuel

And finally Manuel from Spain, the last finalist of the #MyErasmusCrib contest, talks about his accommodation abroad and exchange experience in the beautiful Pisa, Italy. Keep reading and discover another way of finding accommodation in a foreign country!Read more
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A Sneak Peek Into #MyErasmusCrib - Maya

Maya, another one of our finalists of the #MyErasmusCrib contest, moved from Georgia to Iasi, Romania for two years thanks to the Erasmus Mundus programme. Keep reading to discover her experiences finding accommodation and living abroad.Read more
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