Everything You Need to Know About Erasmus+ Traineeships

Erasmus+ offers scholarships to students lasting up to 12 months per study cycle. But only a handful know that this period can be used for an internship, not only for a study exchange program. It’s easier than it seems!Read more
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Why Volunteering Means Serious Business

“It’s something that makes you grow as a person. It is an essential part of what makes us human. It involves generosity and compassion. It comes from the heart and it goes straight back into the heart. No matter what your abilities are, anyone can do it”.Read more
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#myESNcareer: Focus on Business

Have you ever dreamed of working for a big multinational company? Here’s how ESN can help you enjoy a great career in one.Read more
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How ESN can give your career a push

Use your ESN experience and contacts to learn how to positively reshape your professional future.Read more
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Thirty Candles, Thirty Years of the Erasmus+ Generations

What you should know about the biggest European student mobility programme.Read more
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Behind the scenes: tricks and tips for writing

The six golden tips for creative writing from the writers of the ESNblog to help you connect, communicate, and create.Read more
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Fantastic soft skills and where to find them

While Newt Scamander is on a mission to retrieve his lost magical creatures in New York, we are on a mission to find all of the hidden soft skills in our network.Read more
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Join a Committee – gain competence, knowledge and a family

“Being in an international Committee is like going on Erasmus inside ESN.”Read more
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Gain professional experience by going abroad!

Have you ever thought about going abroad? Well, did you know that many employers seek students who have international experience?Read more
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ESN STARland Portugal and its inspiring presidents

Want to know about the added value of volunteering for ESN? We have real life examples right here.Read more
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