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Student-friendly Pubs to Celebrate Oktoberfest in 2020

The official festival may be cancelled this year but you can still celebrate Oktoberfest in 2020 without travelling!

The official festival may be cancelled this year but you can still celebrate Oktoberfest in 2020 without travelling! 

At TWISPER, the social network for only positive recommendations, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations for the best student-friendly pubs to visit in major cities where ESN has a presence. 

Let’s get right into it!


One of our favourite European cities, the Dutch capital is packed full of student-friendly spots and activities. Here are three places to celebrate Oktoberfest in Amsterdam!

Euro Pub

Located a two-minute walk from Dam Square, Euro Pub is the ideal place to party the night away and still find your way home afterwards. Plus, their pitchers of Bavarian beer mean you’ll feel like you’re actually at Oktoberfest!

Coco's Outback

It may be an Australian bar, but this fun international pub is a great place to celebrate Oktoberfest. Coco’s Outback has an electric atmosphere, a fantastic selection of beer and super friendly staff who are always up for a party.


In the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, you’ll find Belushi’s. Head here for great vibes, the city’s longest happy hour and delicious burgers to balance out all that Oktoberfest beer.


This Spanish city is always full of students and is one of the greatest nights out in Europe. If you’re in Barcelona, here are our top recommendations to celebrate Oktoberfest in 2020.

La Ovella Negra

With two rustic tavernas in Barcelona, La Ovella Negra is a must for your Oktoberfest in Barcelona. If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, head to the cosy taverna on the Rambla. Otherwise, go to La Ovella Negra Marina in Poble Nou, a mega-taverna filled with authentic bierkeller-style tables where you’ll feel as though you’re in Munich.

The George Payne

What better place to celebrate a German festival than an Irish pub? Head to The George Payne to party in true international student style. Beer pong and giant cocktails anyone?

Coco Vail Beer Hall

If you love Oktoberfest for the beer, Coco Vail Beer Hall in l’Eixample is the place for you. This international Americana-themed bar proudly serves 24 different craft beers on rotation - the only question is which will you order?


Szimpla Kert

Budapest’s most well-known  pub based in an old ruin is always a hive of activity. Szimpla Kert is a labyrinth of super cool bars, rooms and garden spaces, where students are always welcome here.

Hops Beer Bar Budapest

A craft beer sanctuary, Hops Beer Bar Budapest is a haven for serious beer fans. It’s a great pub to enjoy an alternative Oktoberfest in the Hungarian city!

Instant & Fogas Ház

What was once two of Budapest’s coolest ruin bars has now merged to form one big superclub at Instant & Fogas Ház. This is the place to go if you want your Oktoberfest celebrations to last all night long.


The holy grail of beer halls.The Wiesn may have been officially cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the world’s most famous beer festival in its home city!

Chinese Tower in the English Garden

It may sound like an unlikely place to celebrate a German festival, but the Chinese Tower in the Englischer Garten is actually home to Munich’s second-largest beer garden. It’s super close to the university and has 7,000 seats, so you know the party will be good! 


Iconic, historic and undeniably Bavarian, Hofbrauhaus is one of the world’s most famous taverns. If you’re looking to experience the authentic culture of Oktoberfest, head here for steins of local beer and German cuisine.

The Keg Bar

An international pub near the Englischer Garten, The Keg Bar has an excellent range of beer and a lively atmosphere. Feel like splashing out? You can order your own keg of beer to drink with your friends in an exclusive area of the bar!


KIEZ Biergarten

Paris’ first beer garden is an ideal location to celebrate Oktoberfest. Located in Montmartre, KIEZ Biergarten is a German bistro with a touch of French flair. Bavarian beer and curry wurst await!

Le Bombardier

UK student missing home? Le Bombardier offers a quintessential British pub experience in the Latin Quarter of Paris. It may not be traditional Oktoberfest fare, but you’re sure to enjoy fish and chips and a pint!

Corcoran’s Sacré Cœur

A traditional Irish pub in the heart of Montmartre, Corcoran’s is always a lively place to indulge in a few beers. With live DJs playing on the weekends, you’ll easily find your party spirit here.


Café Bar Propaganda

A hidden gem known more by locals than by tourists, the Café Bar Propaganda in Prague’s New Town has cheap beer, good value cocktails and a friendly environment.

U Fleků

Considered the oldest brewery in Prague, U Fleků is a great place to try Czech beer. The enormous beer hall also has a museum where you can learn about beer for a little culture before you drink.

The Pub

Why not try a different drinking experience for Oktoberfest at The Pub?  Each table has its own beer tap at this chain of unique bars found all over Prague. A pub where you don’t have to go to the bar to order? Sounds like a dream!


Oasi della Birra

Located across the river from Trastevere is the cozy L’Oasi della Birra. If your Italian’s any good, you’ll see that this bar’s name translates to Oasis of Beer - sounds like a good shout for Oktoberfest! 

Open Baladin

This craft beer emporium serves almost 150 different Italian beers plus a fine selection of international options. So whether you’re strictly sticking to German beers or going international, you’ll find a tipple at Open Baladin.

The Fiddler’s Elbow

Rome’s oldest Irish-run pub, The Fiddler’s Elbow has a legendary atmosphere perfect to enjoy a few beers whether it’s Oktoberfest or not!



Zurich may not have a port, but Hafenkneipe or “Harbour Pub” fully embraces the nautical theme anyway. With a wide selection of beer and great live music acts, it’s a fun place to spend an evening in the city.

Olé Olé Bar

A lively bar on the famous Langstrasse, Olé Olé Bar has great drinks, friendly service and a mixed crowd, where students are always welcome!

Andorra Bar

For the best Swiss micro brews and international beers, head to Andorra Bar in the historic Niederdörf area of Zurich’s Old Town. And if beer isn't for you, you’re sure to find something you like on their extensive menu.

We hope this article has given you some ideas for where to enjoy Oktoberfest this year. If you didn’t find your city on the list - don’t worry! You can find it in the TWISPER mobile app, and add your own recommendations.

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