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Student bars in Europe for a great night out (that won’t hurt your wallet)

Enjoying a city’s nightlife is one of the key factors of studying abroad for many people, so finding the best student bars in your new city should be high on your Erasmus bucket list.

Even if you’re not a big party animal, it’s great to be able to let off steam from all that reading and meet some new people! How do you go about finding your favourite place to drink in a new city? You need somewhere with the right balance of great vibes and budget drink prices. And that’s where TWISPER comes in with their recommendations for must-visit student bars in Europe! Let’s get started…

Lucerna Music Bar, Prague

Kicking off our list of top student bars in Europe is this long-established cultural hub in Prague. Located in an old mansion, this concert hall has been hosting memorable nights out for over 25 years. And it’s still going strong! Head here for live music during the week and throwback 70s, 80s and 90s disco nights on weekends. Under 2 euros for a beer and around 5 euros for a cocktail.

Vzorkovna – Dog Bar, Prague

A 10-minute tram ride from Lucerna Music Bar, you’ll find another of Prague’s popular student bars. If you’re a fan of that underground club vibe, Dog Bar is the place to go for affordable drinks served in jam jars and a handful of basement-style rooms with a laidback atmosphere.

Archi' Bar, Paris

It may be a city known for its romantic restaurants, but there’s no shortage of student bars in Paris. One of our favourites is this basement bar in the heart of the student district. With a cosy welcoming atmosphere and extended happy hour drinks for around 4-6 euros, what’s not to love?

La Cave Saint-Germain, Paris

Party animals, this one’s for you. After-class drinks turn into dancing till dawn at this surprisingly affordable student bar in the heart of Paris. You’ll be happy to find beer and wine at great prices during their three hour-long happy hour(s). Cheers to that!

The Wild Geese, Brussels

Located in the EU quarter of Brussels, near the European Commission, this historic spot is a great bar for students, as Irish pubs often are! As well as being a great live music venue and showing sports fixtures, their weekday happy hour is ideal for an affordable post-class pint, with beers and wine at 4 euros, and cocktails for 6 euros. Oh, and as an Irish pub, you know this is the place to go for St Patrick’s Day!

The Roxy, London

London is known for its pricey nightlife but bring your student ID to this fun basement bar and you’ll enjoy great drinks offers. Excellent music on different nights means there’s something for everyone, whether you’re into hip-hop, house or indie. Be prepared to meet fellow students from all the London universities enjoying an affordable night out.

CLF Art Café, London

To pass your night out off as a cultural experience, this art, music and theatre hub is the place to drink. Open till 4 am on the weekend and hosting live music and club nights across a number of rooms (plus a roof garden bar), it should definitely be on your student bar bucket list in London.

The Hoppy Pub, Thessaloniki

Considered by many to be the best bar in Thessaloniki, this is undoubtedly a craft beer heaven in the Greek city. It’s not far from the university, making it ideal student bar for a few well-deserved drinks with your course mates.

Protokoll Taproom, Berlin

This is another great craft beer spot, this time located in Berlin. Quality beer and a unique tap list mean this one’s a little pricier than underground clubs in cities further east. However, the fun, welcoming atmosphere makes this the ideal spot to make friends with fellow beer lovers.

BadaBoom, Milan

For a wild night out with shots, cocktails and games and great tunes, this highly popular student bar is the place to be. It’s also ideally located for pre-drinks before heading to some of Milan’s most popular nightclubs, Just Cavalli and Old Fashion, which are located walking distance away.

Akkurat, Stockholm

Great service and atmosphere plus tasty food and drinks make this lively tavern a great choice for your student night out. As with a lot of Scandinavian cities and speciality beer spots, it’s not the cheapest student bar out there, but it’s nevertheless a really fun, welcoming spot for fans of craft beer.

The Secret Garden, Stockholm

To take your party into the early hours, head to this gay bar near Gamla Stan. Known for its great atmosphere and young clientele, it’s ideal for late-night dancing in its three different rooms. There are also discounts with the ESN card!

Centralna Postaja, Ljubljana

Declaring itself as the heart of music and culture in Ljubljana, this centrally located bar is well worth a visit. The music ranges from throwback classics to current hits, the drinks are well-priced and there’s great food for when you realize you need to line your stomach!

Multiverso Bar, Zaragoza

A self-confessed nerd bar, this games café is the perfect place for students who prefer role play, arcade and board games to all-night partying in pubs and clubs. And it’s a great student bar to meet people with similar interests to you in your new city. With happy hours and cosplay/costume nights for special events, this spot is guaranteed fun!


Last but by no means list are a couple of chains you’re bound to bump into during your travels. It wouldn’t be a list of student bars without an honourable mention of Belushi’s. With bars in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and across the United Kingdom, their fantastic drinks deals and party ambience make them a must-visit for Erasmus students Europe-wide.

100 Montaditos

If you’re studying abroad in Spain, it’s highly likely you’ve already spent a night ordering 1 euro open sandwiches (aka montaditos) with equally budget-friendly beers or tinto de verano at this legendary Spanish bar chain.

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