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Small City, Big Heart, Part 2

8 small cities that would change your Erasmus experience forever

As we promised, this is the second part of 'Small City, Big Heart' with a new list of awesome cities where you can spend your next Erasmus. 


A little city in Belgium with rich, if not envious history. Mons breathes culture so it is no surprise it won the title of the European Capital of Culture in 2015. The University of Mons is the smallest university of the French community in Belgium with just a little more than 5,000 students, but it has 20 research fields, 4 research centres and offers several international master programmes in English.

University in Mons: University of Mons
ESN section: ESN Mons


France is an artistic country, and the city of Nancy is full of interesting practices, architecture and art. It counts 19 universities and colleges, which means it is full of young people enjoying the quality of education, the delicious food and the good wine. Imagine yourself telling people back home you are living in Nancy.

University in Nancy: Nancy/Nancy 2 University
ESN section: ESN Nancy

Novi Sad

Novi Sad, or “Serbian Athens”,  like the cool kids in the 19th century called it, is a small city in Serbia and the second cultural centre in the country. The Petrovaradin fortress is their main landmark, and a must see, as well as the famous EXIT festival. The University of Novi Sad is the centre of higher education and research in Serbia with 14 faculties located in 4 cities.

University in Novi Sad: University of Novi Sad
ESN section: ESN Novi Sad


When someone says Croatia, Adriatic Sea is the first thing that usually pops up into people’s minds. What if we told you that the country stretches beyond Zagreb? Osijek is the 4th largest city and the economic and cultural centre of Eastern Croatia. It lies on the Drava river and has cuisine people usually go nuts about.

University in Osijek: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek
ESN section: ESN Osijek


This European Capital of Culture in 2010 is a meeting point for various ethnicities and religions, a perfect place for meeting people from different backgrounds. It will charm you with its architecture, the food is definitely something to try, and the language is a real tongue twister. Living and studying in Pécs is a challenge you definitely want to take upon yourself.

University in Pécs: University of Pécs
ESN section: ESN Pécs


One of Norway’s oldest cities, and an oil capital. It has several enjoyable green spaces as well as a lake in the center of the city. Like every city awarded with the title of European Capital of Culture, Stavanger is full of life and is a major tourist attraction, especially in the summer.

University in Stavanger: University of Stavanger
ESN section: ESN Stavanger

Veliko Tarnovo

A city with unique architecture located on the Yantra River, often referred to as the “City of Tsars” (those who speak Slavic languages will recognise the word immediately, those who do not, just Google it). This historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire is situated on three hills, overlooking its fascinating culture. Veliko Tarnovo is home to one of the largest sweets companies in Bulgaria, so living there will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Universities in Veliko Tarnovo: Veliko Tarnovo University, Vasil Levski National Military University
ESN section: ESN Veliko Tarnovo


Tartu is considered the intellectual centre of the country, since it is home to the nation’s oldest and most renowned university. Who would not want to study there? It must be a really pleasurable experience. The city is home to many ethnic groups, so those who enjoy a multicultural surrounding are more than welcome there.

University in Tartu: University of Tartu
ESN section: ESN Tartu

Sure, big cities have many advantages, and they are very adventurous, but small cities can be very charming as well. They have so many wonderful stories and juicy secrets running freely down the streets because they know no one is looking at them. Prove them wrong―discover them!

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