TravelA brief list to help you orientate yourself during your first period abroad or in a new city, to not get lost and to not feel homesick.
Once you become a part of something big, it stays with you. ESN is no exception. What can be bigger than the biggest international student organisation in Europe that has the same goals and values as you do?
While abroad, we become more aware of similarities and differences that bring people together and observe things beyond our own reality.
You have always wanted to know more about the perks of participating in an Erasmus+ project? This article will make you wish you have already handed in an application, or ten.
If you’ve experienced your first Regional Platform this year then you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed. What are you supposed to do with this new knowledge? In collaboration with ICE, we’re here to steer you in the proper direction!
In a land far, far away, where polar bears run freely beyond the TV frame and the sun doesn’t set for four months in a row, there is an unexpectedly active student life. Would you dare to move there?
There are certain types of professors we just can’t avoid despite our best efforts. And although there are some we wouldn't even contemplate taking a break from, there are definitely a couple which we wouldn't mind missing a lecture or ten from.