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Gaffar Rampage Friday, 21 October, 2016 - 15:09


On Friday 30th September, the Erasmus Student Network moved from its premises on Rue Hydraulique 15 to a new location on Rue Joseph II 120.

After many months of discussions, location scouting, planning and preparation, ESN International finally moved to a new office next door to the Berlaymont, the main building of the European Commission. With a growing Secretariat that is now 11-strong, the time was ripe for ESN to take its next big step in the history of the organisation, towards the aim of providing ever more services to an increasing number of mobile students all around Europe.

Did you know...

  • that ESN established its international headquarters in Brussels almost 11 years ago - in 2005!;
  • The first official seat of ESN International was at Rue du Trone 98, hosted by the office of the Italian Conference of Rectors;
  • Rue Hydraulique 15 first served as the living quarters of the International Board before being repurposed as the ESN Office;
  • ESN now hosts the European University Foundation and the International Falcon Movement as co-tenants in the new building.

On the occasion of ESN International's historic move to a new office, we've launched a contest for ESN sections all around the network!

Simply upload a photo or video of your ESN office on Instagram with the hashtag #myESNoffice, and tag @esn_int. The section with the most creative video will win a personalised ESN flag, signed by the International Board!

Curious about ESN International's new office? We knew you would be - so we documented the entire moving process! Watch it here:

Visit us!

Rue Joseph II 120
Brussels 1000

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