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Vasiliki Kati Thursday, 30 August, 2018 - 23:08

Multiculturality behind The Crete Trip

Every year over 700 Erasmus students gather on the Greek island of Crete to celebrate one thing they all have in common – mobility experience.

Most of you are probably wondering what’s the meaning behind the title; well, The Crete Trip is the national event of ESN Greece, and it represents a 4-day heaven for Erasmus students in Greece. This event symbolises a beautiful adventure where participants have a chance to feel alive while on Erasmus in Greece. It’s similar to a rollercoaster ride because it consists of an eagerness to live it, excitement while you’re living it, and sorrow when it ends.

During The Crete Trip, you meet more Erasmus students, ESNers, and locals, engage with them, and share experiences and memories that will never fade away. You also get to enjoy four days at the beach, while the sun touches your skin. Ιn fact, there’s a lot more than that!

The arrival day starts with a big Flag Parade on the streets of Heraklion. The celebration of multiculturalism, where everyone carries the flag of their country and is one of the highlights of the event because it proves that people can appreciate and respect each other, no matter their nationality.

In Crete, you experience three things: careless days at the beach, epic parties at night, and Cretan tradition and history. When you visit a place, you learn about it, become a part of it through the eyes of the local community. The Cretan festival and the visit to the Knossos Palace provide participants with a unique chance to get an insight into Cretan history and culture. Historical tours at Knossos as well as dancing like a Cretan will make you fall completely in love with this island.

There are numerous reasons to give your heart and soul to Crete, but the most important one is the fact that it represents a small society in which people from different countries and cultural backgrounds come together to celebrate and share their different traditions, ideas, and beliefs.

When we are exposed to various ways of life, we gain a vast amount of opinions and lifestyles to explore. We grant ourselves an opportunity to broaden our horizons, to learn about one another, but most importantly to connect with each other. Living in a diverse environment is the key to a better understanding of the world and an embrace of the unknown.

During these four magical days in Crete, #WeAreOne - one big family that understands and appreciates all its members, a family that has created a strong bond, a family that shares memories which will never be forgotten. This is what makes The Crete Trip experience memorable - both for Erasmus students and ESNers alike.     

The Crete Trip is the perfect example of merging history with entertainment, under the cause of unity and diversity. The feeling of being involved in an event which celebrates multiculturalism is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Want to experience the magic for yourself? The good news is, The Crete Trip experience is for everyone: you don’t have to be on Erasmus in Greece to join the event, you just need to bring your desire to meet people from all over the world with you. And did you know that almost all 40 ESN countries organise their own national events? The Crete Trip is only one example of what we can achieve if we work together for a common cause, promoting mobility and diversity between us. Give yourself a chance to be part of it and you will never regret it. And remember, the tan will fade away, but the memories will last forever.

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