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Anna Wojtkiewicz Wednesday, 16 October, 2019 - 17:23

Missing your pet during Erasmus

Some of us like cats, some of us like dogs, but most of us can agree that pets are awesome. If you are a pet-lover, this article if for you!

What’s the first thing you do after you come back home? You take your shoes off - or you try to while petting your animal. You go to the kitchen, to drink some water or tea or to prepare a quick snack. Maybe you give some ham to the dog, because who can resist those big, begging eyes? You watch TV with your cat or maybe your reptile, your bird or your frog. You take a walk with your dog. You cuddle with your rabbit. You stare at your fish.

Seems familiar? Nowadays a lot of us have pets in our homes. Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles – we love them, and we care about them just as much as about our family members, because, in a way, they are our family. 

Surely, if you’ve ever taken a short trip without your pet or even just a sleepover at your friend’s, it felt a bit lonely or like there was something missing. The sound of their little paws on the floor, their murmurs, the way their soft fur feels and sometimes even those annoying things - Cat owners will know! “The creepy cat stare” is a thing).

So, what can you do when you must leave your pet for long periods of time?

You won’t replace your pet, that’s for sure, but you can try to fill that empty space with other activities!


  • First, think of what you’ll miss the most. Is it the long walks with your dog? Try volunteering at the local pet shelter. There is always an enormous need for volunteers in pet shelters. You can walk dogs that really need someone to love and care for them. That way, you can deal with your loneliness while doing something nice, killing two birds with one stone... Those walks can really spark joy not only in your life but in the life of a homeless, cute fluff ball.


  • If you just miss the presence of another living creature, you can visit an animal-themed café. Their growing popularity makes finding them in your city much easier. You’ll be able to drink a good tea with an even better company!


  • Don’t forget about our precious furry family members! You can ask somebody to send you some photos of your pet or to schedule a video chat with them! Don’t be ashamed – we all do that! We’re crazy about our animals and we know it. Don’t forget to bring them a small gift when you visit your hometown. You’ll feel happy just by giving something to them, even if it’s just a slice of ham or chicken. Just enjoy your pet’s happiness.


We are no robots, it’s obvious that we miss all family members. Even though it can be hard, don’t let it get you down. After all, your Erasmus exchange should be a cheerful time full of adventures and meeting some new, amazing people. And later on, you can tell your pet all about your Erasmus experiences. 


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