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Ameni Mehrez Thursday, 31 March, 2016 - 08:57

Long distance relationships during Erasmus - 7 tips on how to make it!

Studies show that separated couples are actually more likely to have a happy relationship.

Most of us are aware that going on Erasmus is an experience of a lifetime. This educational European programme encourages mobility all over Europe and allows students to experience international and cultural exchange. However, going on Erasmus might not seem that exciting for those with partners. Many of them believe that LDRs (long distance relationships) tend to collapse and end up failing.
According to a study made by the Centre for Study of Long Distance Relationships, 14 to 15 million people in USA consider themselves living in a LDR. However, rates of break-up for traditional relationships are estimated by 25% per year while it is just 8% for LDR. Separated relationships are proven to be more vibrant and solid due to the fact that while you’re far from each other, you tend to communicate more deeply and therefore feel closer to each other.

The following 7 TIPS can help you maintain a loving and happy LDR.
1.      Communicate often

It is very important that you plan your communication time with your significant other regularly. Today, communication means are more and more developed. Not only can you speak to and see your loved ones but you can also do it wherever you are and whenever you want. You can start a conversation and engage with your partner by phone, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or you can just send an SMS or emails from time to time. However, be careful not to overdo it because talking or texting too much can suck all the excitement and spontaneity out of your relationship and ruin it.

2.      Plan when you’ll see each other next

Living in a long distance relationship without planning your reunion date is simply inconceivable. Make sure to agree on who will visit the other, when, where and then start to prepare for it.  Being able to plan your reunion will help you keep calm and optimistic. You don’t realise how important it is until you start thinking about it and doing it. So don’t wait for the chance to come; be the one who creates it.

3.      Believe in your relationship

If you believe that you can make your relationship work, you definitely have higher chances to keep your hopes, expectations and future plans alive. Strong will can overcome distance and separation. Have faith in your partner, your relationship and seeing each other soon and that everything will go well. The more faith you keep, the less fears you have. Listen to your heart and it will show you the way.
4.      Do things together

Sometimes you don’t realise how much you can do together in a relationship. In fact, there are so many simple things that can be experienced even when you are far from each other. For example watch a movie together at the same time, cook a dish, meditate or do yoga on Skype, go shopping and ask them for their opinion… The list is infinite. Just be creative and try to think of new stuff that you never did together before. That way you don’t only share special moments with each other but you might also discover things you didn’t know about them. Even simple gestures can make your day and have a big impact on your relationship.
5.      Be creative and attentive

Try to surprise your sweetheart with unexpected ideas. For instance, write them letters in your own handwriting sprinkled with your own perfume or cologne. It might seem a bit traditional for some people in comparison to phone messages but it is one of the best ways to test your patience and show the other person that you are not like any other ordinary person. This will definitely make your relationship more exciting. You can also send small gifts, flowers, or anything else that would make your partner happy.

6.      Find time for yourself

Of course, it is good to think about the other person and have them participate in your daily practices. However, don’t make it your one and only concern. Don’t forget about yourself as a human being that has other engagements in life than love. Make sure you have time for yourself, to meet new people, establish new connections and make new friendships. Keep being positive and motivated. If you don’t pay attention to that, you won’t have a healthy personal life and this will automatically affect your relationship. 
7.      Trust your partner

One of the most crucial things in a relationship is trust. Of course it is not easy to have trust when you don’t see the other person and have no idea who they’re spending time with or where they go. Don’t try to follow every single person or thing related to them which may break all trust ties. Moreover, not only do you make the other person uncomfortable and annoyed but you also torture yourself, become paranoid and make things harder for both of you. What you should do instead is show your partner how much you trust them by making them believe that you’re not the jealous type. Love is all about trust so keep building your trust castle until you meet your prince/princess again and be united for the rest of your days. Remember that without trust, there is no castle and without a castle there is no happily ever after.
Overall, long distance relationships might not be as difficult as they seem to be especially if you believe in the power of love and try your best to give it a chance. So close your eyes, go on Erasmus and follow these tips.

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