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How to enjoy Madrid to the fullest!

Madrid is a city full of wonders! If you want to experience the wonderful city of Madrid, from its historical gems and world-class art, to the incredible parks, take notes! Here is a guide to enjoy Madrid like locals do.

Spain’s capital is often overshadowed as a tourist destination by Barcelona to the North. Many people do not actually make plans to pay the capital a visit and enjoy what it has to offer. This article, however, is here to give you the insights and more reasons why you need to plan that vacation to Madrid as early as possible.

There are many wonderful things to discover in Madrid as well as amazing places to stay and other fun activities to do, such as the ones listed below.

1. Enjoy Awesome Tapas

The entire country is mainly about food. This means the capital is where you are going to find the best tapas. The Mercado San Miguel offers some local specialties; make a visit to Lateral for finger-licking tapas and a young lively atmosphere. 

Pay a visit to the Perrachica for tapas that are made with a modern taste that will leave you yearning for more, without forgetting to stop over at Meson Cinco Jotas for the most amazing Spanish ham with other delicious pork meals.


2. The Rich Madrid History

The city has got quite an exciting and rich history. Especially if you are fascinated by learning the background of a culture, a town, how it was formed and how it has transformed, then Madrid is your dream destination.

It is recommended that you first go through its history before paying a visit so that you are well acquainted with it. You could take one of the free walking tours in Madrid, which visits historical monuments such as the flamboyant Plaza Mayor, the beautiful Almudena Cathedral and also lets you enjoy the amazing fountain found at Plaza De Cibeles.


3. Bewildering Nightlife

Spain is widely known for its party life and now Madrid gives its residents and visitors the night of their life. The nightlife here is stunning, as there are different options of places that will magically make your night the best.

Starting from the local pubs to the high-end clubs, music and hangouts are crazy. You will easily lose yourself in enjoyment. Visit Eccola for superbly blended cocktails and probably Marieta when you want to have dinner. They also have a bar so you could grab a drink or two at that amazing place.


4. Visit the Oldest Hotel in the World

Botin, as it is commonly known, was founded in 1725. It was approved by Guinness World Records as being the oldest functioning restaurant in the entire world. Goya the famous artist worked there once as a waiter.

It is one of the most pulsating experiences you do not want to miss while in Madrid. How often do you even have the opportunity to get near something that ancient?


5. Visit San Bernabeu Stadium

Football is a huge event in Spain. You must have heard about the famous Real Madrid among other clubs that play in the Spanish La Liga. This could be one of the free walking tours in Madrid where you will have the opportunity to see world-class football at the Bernabeu.

It is an eloquent stadium with a touch of class. In case you are a football fan then you are sure to watch some world class players, the likes of Benzema, Modric, Isco, and Casemiro among many others. If you are not a football fan then the place is just fantastic to pay a visit to, and see the magnificence it has to offer.


6. Madrid is quite Cheap

The city is in many aspects more affordable than other Europen Cities. The travel means are quite cheap, restaurants and lodgings are also affordable even for people with a limited budget. Madrid is way cheaper than London or Paris where you will have to cough up quite a huge sum of money for services and amenities provided to you.

The city has got many cheap hotels and high-end restaurants to make your stay enjoyable. All these are at affordable prices that will not leave your pockets empty.


7. Favorable Weather 

People refer to Spain as the Florida of Europe. The temperature there does not get extreme. If you are looking for a getaway in winter then Madrid is your destination. During wintertime, you could put on just a winter jacket and be very comfortable, as the climatic conditions are favorable.

You could take many free walking tours in Madrid and enjoy what the great capital of Spain has to offer. Arrange a trip there and you will not regret your decision.

Written by Desa Rome

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Madrid is a city full of wonders! If you want to experience the wonderful city of Madrid, from its historical gems and world-class art, to the incredible parks, take notes! Here is a guide to enjoy Madrid like locals do.
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