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Alina Dubinina Wednesday, 24 August, 2016 - 21:50

Five ways to enjoy Erasmus without partying

Erasmus exchange broadens your horizons, gives you friends for life, and also adds a nice mark to your CV

Many of you associate Erasmus exchange with parties. What if we told you that it’s much more than that? Even if you’re not into hanging out often, you can still enjoy your stay abroad without any parties. Here are various ways to do so:

1. Learn a local language

At your new university, there definitely are some courses and international events that promote learning languages while abroad. You can find a tandem partner and add another language to your CV!

2. Go on a trip

Whether alone or in a group of people, travelling can bring lots of joy. Check out cheap prices for buses, planes or trains, then pack your backpack and go on an adventure!

3. Explore the city and create your own map of sights to see

A semester or a year in a city is enough time to explore it and find remarkable places that were not mentioned in most guides. You can mark them on your own map and share them online! Cafes, parks, interesting museums – the choice is yours! It’s a fun way to learn more about the place you live in and share your knowledge with the rest of the world!

4. Join a sports club or a student organisation in your new city

There are different associations in almost every town or city. If you’re keen on sports, knitting, or even superheroes, try finding one that matches your interests. You can meet locals, learn about their traditons, and experience various practices.

5. Join ESN!                        

ESN adds a nice set of skills to your CV. Joining Erasmus Student Network is a volunteering experience that will develop your soft skills, such as multiculturalism, problem-solving, presentation, and multitasking. You get to organise events, participate in trips, and support other exchange students during their stay abroad.

Erasmus exchange is not just partying, it’s a great way to learn, develop yourself, and meet interesting people from all over the world. You don’t need parties to have fun!

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Let’s talk about what I call the “good student meets the real world” phenomenon. You know it.. It’s when you do everything right in school, only to find that those skills that helped you succeed academically are close to useless in the real world.
You have already been in that city and you have seen the main tourist attractions, you had the chance to know the city and its main streets and squares. Now, you are somewhere in between being a tourist and being a local. Same city. A second attempt.
New year, new semester, new goals! This is the year we will be aiming to achieve something… that something can be mastering a new skill, building new good habits or leaving bad habits behind.
ESNers and students with an international mindset have something in common: the love for travel and learning about new cultures.
Studying abroad was my number 1 motivator while applying to university. The thought of spending a semester abroad was a dream come true.
Usually when one thinks of a university exchange, the thing that comes to mind is European countries and foreign languages.