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dilyana.georgieva Tuesday, 13 April, 2021 - 17:50

Fall in Love with Yourself During Erasmus

From an early age, everyone teaches us that it is important to be kind and to treat others with respect and understanding. They teach us not to raise our voices, to remain calm, and not to pour out our anger on others.

We are told that it is important to stay in control when we are shouted at and to suppress our anger. They tell us that we should put our loved ones first so that they don't call us selfish.

But somehow they forget to teach us to love ourselves. They forget to show us that if we do not love ourselves first, we cannot give true love to the people around us. They forget to tell us that sometimes it is important, and good, to be selfish. You've probably heard that in an emergency situation on a flight, it's important to put a mask on yourself first and only then on your child. It sounds strange to some, but how can a person save their child if they have not saved themselves first?

It took me many years to learn to put myself first, to start giving myself a lot of love and respect so that I could expect it from others. I realised that an Erasmus is a perfect time to fall in love with yourself. I wish it to everyone because there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of being valued by yourself.

The Erasmus adventure undoubtedly gives you experiences for a lifetime. You experience feelings that you probably won't find anywhere else, or at least not such strong and unexpected feelings with complete strangers. But an Erasmus is also the perfect time to get to know yourself, to rediscover yourself, to fall in love with yourself.

We have often heard romantic stories that took place during Erasmus exchanges. We hear about Erasmus babies and we like to dream of experiencing a piece of this romance. But why not talk about the other love, the more necessary and stronger one? The love we give to ourselves. Erasmus is the perfect time to fall in love with ourselves for the first time or to rediscover why we love ourselves. We are in an unknown place, with unknown people and an unknown language. There is no person around us who loves us yet. And a person cannot and should not live without love. That is why we must be this person for ourselves.

If you struggle to find reasons to love yourself, you should always remember the following:

1.      You are like no other person on this Earth! You are unique and you have qualities that no one else has. And if you are here, you definitely have something to give. Something only you can give! And you should be proud of that.

2.      There is nothing wrong with you, I assure you. Whatever you don't like about yourself, is probably the thing that others like most. You have a crazy laugh? I guarantee that people around you love to hear it and laugh with you! You have a weird taste in clothes? If you didn't, you would be like so many other people and that is really boring! Everything you do and do not have are the things that make you who you are! Accept them and be free.

3.      The love you give to other people should be the same amount of love you give yourself. Do not underestimate how much you mean to your family, friends and everyone you meet. You should be proud of yourself for everything you are!

The feeling of liking every part of you is something that everyone should experience. This does not mean that you should become a person who likes to idealise yourself. It means accepting yourself as you are and realising that you will discover yourself every day and that then you will get lost and discover yourself again. But you will love the process.

If you learn to love yourself, you will open a door to yourself and allow others to enter through it. You will learn to let people in and be vulnerable. You will allow yourself to see how wonderful and unique you are and how you are on this Earth with a purpose. You will begin to shine with such a bright light that it will become contagious to others. Erasmus is the time you give yourself for all kinds of new feelings and experiences. Start with love for yourself, and then, who knows, maybe love for another person will arise.

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