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Vasiliki Kati Thursday, 6 September, 2018 - 23:35

Erasmus - the Adventure of a Lifetime

The feeling when you are about to go on Erasmus is indescribable: it is a mix of anxiety about the unknown and desire to experience something different, to get out of your comfort zone.

It all starts when you decide to take that step and apply. At that moment you give yourself a great gift, because you understand the importance of going abroad, meeting new people from all around the world, and collecting a variety of experiences that will differ from your everyday life. If you have friends who have already been on Erasmus, this decision is even easier. You constantly hear about what an amazing time they had and how strong the friendships they made are, and all those memories that connect them with the city and its people motivate you to apply, too.

After that, follows the announcement from your university that you have been selected to go on Erasmus. Happiness, enthusiasm, eagerness, and many more words can be used to describe this moment, but are words enough? If they’re not enough at the beginning, imagine in the end. The adventure has started, maybe you’re not fully aware of it, but every step you’re taking brings you closer to one of the greatest journeys of your life.

Then the bureaucratic part begins: you have to start filling in documents; this part may seem quite tiring and stressful, but if you focus on your goal and remind yourself about it every day, it won’t affect you at all.

You’re making so many preparations for this journey that sometimes you forget you’re actually going on Erasmus, or you think of it as something far away from happening. Time literally flies, one day you are filling in documents, and the next you’re waiting for your flight at the airport.

When the time comes, you will probably start questioning yourself. Will you be able to live in a foreign country for so many months? How will you manage to stay away from your loved ones? How difficult will it be to start living in a place where you don’t know anyone? Many more questions will cross your mind as well. The thing is that we shouldn’t be scared of the unknown, we shouldn’t be scared to take the risk of living an adventure. This is what Erasmus stands for - the adventure of a lifetime. The adventure where you rediscover yourself, your limits, your beliefs.

The magic will happen when you get off that plane and instantly every fear you had, will disappear. After a few weeks, your Erasmus city will make you feel like you’re home, you will love every corner of it, and every corner will always be connected with the memories you created. Friendships, laughs, endless nights of dancing and many more are the ingredients of an Erasmus experience. You will discover a new culture, the culture of your Erasmus country, and that includes new traditions and perspectives. A whole new and different world will be waiting for you to explore it. This experience will satisfy the traveller inside you and your curiosity of the unknown.

The feeling when you’re about to go on Erasmus is indescribable, because sometimes words aren’t enough: you need to experience it yourself to fully understand and appreciate it. Give yourself the chance to feel that way, because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, don’t we?

Coming out on an exchange semester is actually something most of us who go on Erasmus experience - probably not in the same way. If you let it, it will kick you far out from your comfort zone, but I promise you’ll love it.
Going on Erasmus is depicted as something that only mentally healthy people can afford since they don’t have their brain on the way to be able to do things. You have to be generally happy to go on Erasmus. But, is this actually true?
If we don’t change, we don’t grow. When people tell me that I have changed a lot, I know it is mostly because of the things I have learnt during Erasmus.
This is not something you normally hear. People don’t like to say that they have depression and those that have it don’t go on Erasmus. Right? Wrong. Very wrong. I did it. And you can do it too. It’s all about knowing how to do so.
Have you ever wondered if any famous people went on the same journey as you? Lived through similar adventures? Well, wonder no more. It’s time to take a walk through the Erasmus+ Hall of Fame!
Going abroad implies temporarily feeling misplaced. My journey helped me overcome culture shock and accept that this feeling renews every time I move. Whether it’s your first time living abroad or your 99th, this article is for you.