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Tajana Mohnacki Saturday, 22 April, 2017 - 09:15

AGM Germany, part 2: What makes you run for the IB?

Our candidates for the International Board will tell you.

When and how does an ESNer decide to run for a position in the International Board? Our current candidates are a prime example of how it happens pretty early in your ESN career. For all of them, the idea popped into their heads when they came in contact with the work of the acting International Board and asked themselves, could I do the same one day?

President: João Pinto and Bojana Zimonjić

João, previous National Representative of ESN Portugal and current Liaison Officer, saw the appeal of holding an IB position at AGM Milano. It was during AGM Ankara, though, that he thought to himself: man, I could be next. Over the years, he started building a path towards the position he is currently running for and finally announced his candidacy in September, around CNR Malta. For support he relies on people close to him.

Bojana, President of ESN Serbia and Main Chair of the International Committee for Education, says that her most important support system is her network, the people that urged her to run for this position even before she made her final decision during CND Krakow. She wants you to know that the AGM spirit is all around, and encourages you to enjoy it while it lasts.

“Don’t forget the main reason why you are here. Go home full of motivation. Meet people outside your country. Make sure to use this experience to the fullest, and try to live a balanced life these next couple of days. Stay close to your National Board, and never be afraid to ask questions.”

Vice-President: Hrvoje Grganović and Tijana Stojanović

Hrvoje is currently in his second mandate as the National Representative of ESN Croatia, and he says that the work of the current International Board, mainly the Vice-President, is what inspired him to run for the same position. He feels excited and pumped up for everything that is going on around him, thanks to the positive feedback and kind words of people closest to him.

Until recently, Tijana was the National Representative of ESN Serbia. She decided to run for the position of Vice-President out of her enormous love for our network. After the decision, she experienced a mix of fear and excitement which, thanks to the support she received from her fellow members, family and friends, turned into anticipation. She feels that it is important to surround yourself with a mix of ESN-related and non-related friends.   

"The only thing to have in mind during the decision-making process at this event is your section’s interests, while for every other matter you can simply follow your heart."

Treasurer: João Costa and Tim Bastiens

João, current President of ESN Portugal, considers finance to be his passion. It is a weird feeling, he says, to finally decide to do something that will define the next years of your life - you are overwhelmed with self-awareness, excitement and a sense of responsibility. He gets his support from his former and current National Board, who only had one thing to say when they found out about his decision to run: "Finally!"

Tim, Vice-Chair for Audit of the Finance Committee, went through a process of writing a list of pros and cons and consulting the current Treasurer of the International Board. The process has resulted in a feeling of fear, excitement and happiness. People around him were very surprised by his decision to candidate, but he's got a supportive delegation, National Board and network behind him. He would like to remind you to enjoy yourself – but not too much, since you are here to make decisions.

“Read, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and get in touch with us. We may be candidates, but at the end of the day, we are also just ESNers!”

Communication Manager: Kacper Olczyk

Kacper, Chair of the Communication Committee, knew he wanted to end up in this position at his very first ComCom meeting, but he made the final decision during last summer, and it filled him with excitement. He says he is finally putting his dreams into actions. He gets a lot of support from the people around him, in and outside of ESN, especially coming from his girlfriend, friends and ESN Poland.

“Get inspired to do amazing things in ESN!”

Web Project Administrator: Jeroen van Lent 

Jeroen, Administrative Vice-Chair of the IT Committee, is running for Web Project Administrator. During AGM Warsaw, people started putting the thought into his head, which eventually led him to this exciting moment. He has received a lot of positivity and support from his friends and network.

“Enjoy the awesomeness of this event, meet people and do something with this experience.”

If you are wondering about the atmosphere among the candidates, we are glad to tell you that it is very pleasant and friendly. They are very supportive of each other since they share the same struggles. It is a fair competition, and they feel hopeful that no matter the outcome, the future Board will take the ideas of other candidates into consideration as well.

Preparing a candidacy is a process, and they are all very glad to see it come to an end. The feeling is unreal, despite a little bit of stage fright and pressure.

“No matter the outcome, we are all winners thanks to this amazing and exciting process we all went through.”Photos: Leander Seidl, Mikuláš Josek

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