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Gaffar Rampage Thursday, 3 November, 2016 - 15:02

ESN offices all around Europe

We sent out a call to submit photos and videos for #myESNoffice - and you responded!

Moving to a new office and documenting the process made us wonder: what do the offices of ESN sections all around Europe look like? Curiosity got the better of us, so the International Board launched a contest under the hashtag #myESNoffice, with the most creative entry winning a personalised ESN flag signed by the International Board.

As the entries flowed in, we couldn't help but chuckle at some of them...


Have you ever visited our amazing ESN Usti office? #esnusti #bestoffice #OndratheSloth #myESNoffice @esn_int

A video posted by ESN Usti (@esn_usti) on


Because who doesn't like cats and sloths?! We'd like to thank ESN Unicatt Milano and ESN Usti for the humorous take on #myESNoffice! Credits also to Kelly, with her literal interpretation of #myESNoffice - mobility is a lifestyle indeed!

We thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through all the entries, but with every contest, there has to be winners. Presenting..

The Winners!


It was a close call, and we had no choice but to award two winners: ESN UEK (Krakow, Poland) with a professionally produced yet personal video, and ESN KTU (Kaunas, Lithuania) with an intriguing storyline, complete with a suspenseful soundtrack. Readers: follow these sections on Instagram for more beautiful content!

Congratulations! The Board will be in contact soon to deliver your prize.

Honourable Mentions

With so many fantastic entries, we found it only deserving to showcase a few more that caught our eyes.


Meet our office, our little paradise @esn_int #esnPW #THISisESN #myESNoffice

A video posted by ESN PW (@esn_pw) on


Cheers to ESN Porto and ESN PW for the well-filmed videos, and ESN URJC for demonstrating that you don't have to make a video to create an engaging storyline. Thank you for the great effort!


Here is the complete collection of #myESNoffice submissions from all around the network. Is your section not in there? The contest may be over, but we encourage you to still upload your photos and videos with the hashtag #myESNoffice! It was a real pleasure for us to have a sneak peek into your offices. Thank you to everyone for taking part, and enjoy the gallery!

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