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Paulina Bednarek Tuesday, 21 September, 2021 - 22:20

5 Tricks to Unleash Your Creativity Before the New Academic Year

Before the start of the academic year you might feel pretty overwhelmed by the amount of work approaching. Do you feel like getting into the roller-coaster-like track will take you ages? Check these 5 ideas that will help you to enjoy the end of summer!


Embracing ideas out of nothingness is uncontrollable. Some consider it as a skill, some as a construction of a new out of something already known. Do you feel blocked or are your thoughts blurred? Collect them! And do it in an unconventional way. Create a mind map that pictures your vision for the approaching year. You can divide it into categories that you assign to proper places - branches on a paper sheet. Don’t analyse here a lot, just write everything down that comes to your mind. If you need inspiration and are on the lookout for learning new skills, you can try online platforms such as Skillshare - they offer thousands of lessons on writing, graphics, illustration or photography. Once you check it, it’s hard to leave it. 

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Get off the beaten track

Just before the academic year kicks off, go for a short trip. Changing your surroundings sets you up in a refreshing mode. It doesn’t need to be far away. Go to the forest, park or a place you have nearby but you haven’t had a chance yet to see - explore nature as autumn approaches. It’ll help you collect your thoughts and relax before all that hustle and bustle begins. 

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Quit social media

For real. Spending too much time checking other people’s lives can rise up to an overwhelming level and negative feelings such as stress or FOMO. Thus, a break from social media may be rejuvenating. If you don’t want to disconnect totally, limit your access to the community groups - this way you might achieve some balance. Enjoy your privacy, check what you can do in that loop of free time you’ve just gained.

So, less scrolling, more living!

Enjoy little things - routine

It might sound oversimplified, but having your own routine can help you in your planning. 

Are you more of an early bird or night owl type? Check when you’re more active and eager to work. Writing the stuff down can spare you some time and you will be able to prioritise your duties. Make a list of things to do in advance. Prepare two colourful pens - one for marking things connected to your studies, the second for your private activities or chores. Try to put first the most important dates in the perspective of one month, and then plan week by week, by adding more details. 

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Interact with people

The truth is that you can find inspiration everywhere. By talking to people and gathering other perspectives you learn to express yourself and bind ideas together. Show your interest in people you have around. Ask about their passions, be inquisitive and open-minded. Just let the flow activate your creative muscles!

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In the end, do not forget to listen to your true self. Sometimes you need to press a “pause” button. No matter how many things you’re about to do - remember that less is better. Plan your activities wisely. Ask yourself how you would like to see your life in a one-year-long distance. Why should you do this? Without any elaboration, to create a vision. You’re now
a visioner and you direct the next chapter. 

You’ve arrived at the finishing line! Now we’ll share a little secret with you: you’re going to keep that energy going!

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