The Council of National Representatives (CNR), composed by all National Representatives (NRs) is one of the main strategic bodies of ESN International.

The CNR collaborates with the International Board on a joint approach for the strategy and the policy making of ESN. The CNR meets in total six times each year, in which various topics of importance of the local and international level are discussed and voted on.

For country-related issues, please contact the relevant National Representative.;


NR of
ESN Austria

Johannes Birkmeyer
Section: ESN UAS Vienna

NR of
ESN Belgium

Marie-Céline Falisse
Section: ESN Louvain-la-Neuve

NR of
ESN Bosnia and herzegovina

Berina Sabanovic
Section: ESN Sarajevo

NR of
ESN Bulgaria

Darena Milkova
Section: ESN UACEG

NR of
ESN Croatia

Dora Burul
Section: ESN Rijeka

NR of
ESN Cyprus

Marilena Kyriakou
Section: ESN Nicosia

NR of
ESN Czech republic

Drahomira Platlova
Section: ESN VSE Prague

NR of
ESN Denmark

Piero Gentilini
Section: ESN Odense

NR of
ESN Estonia

Kärt Maalinn
Section: ESN Tallinn

NR of
ESN Finland

Heini Jyräkoski
Section: ESN Jyväskylä

NR of
ESN France

Corentin Hurte
Section: ESN Dijon

NR of
ESN Georgia

Otari Kobakhidze
Section: ESN Tbilisi UNI

NR of
ESN Germany

Ilona Schimmel
Section: ESN Köln

NR of
ESN Greece

Maria Manolesaki
Section: ESN UOC

NR of
ESN Hungary

Zsolt Szabó
Section: ESN BME

NR of
ESN Iceland

Karólína Vigdís Ásgeirsdóttir
Section: ESN Reykjavik

NR of
ESN Ireland

Ashling Brady
Section: ESN Galway

NR of
ESN Italy

Giuseppina Maccario
Section: ESN Salerno

NR of
ESN Latvia

Sintija Maculevica
Section: ESN Riga

NR of
ESN Lithuania

Indrė Kasiliauskaitė
Section: ESN VGTU

NR of
ESN Luxembourg

Kristian Noullet
Section: ESN Luxembourg

NR of
ESN Macedonia

Daniela Karadza
Section: ESN UACS

NR of
ESN Malta

Andrea Busuttil
Section: ESN Malta

NR of
ESN Netherlands

Dorien Dolman
Section: IxESN Wageningen

NR of
ESN Norway

Ronja Hesthammer
Section: ESN Bergen

NR of
ESN Poland

Marta Bagińska
Section: ESN SGH Warsaw

NR of
ESN Portugal

Inês Moreira
Section: ESN Lisboa

NR of
ESN Romania

Consuela Elena Popescu
Section: ESN UniBuc

NR of
ESN Russia

Daria Temkina
Section: ESN St Petersburg SFTU

NR of
ESN Serbia

Katarina Vaščić
Section: ESN Novi Sad

NR of
ESN Slovakia

Zuzana Gáliková
Section: ESN UMB BB

NR of
ESN Slovenia

Anka Jež
Section: ESN Maribor

NR of
ESN Spain

Jaume Alonso i Fernández
Section: ESN UAB Barcelona

NR of
ESN Sweden

Jennifer Carlsson
Section: ESN Kalmar

NR of
ESN Switzerland

Gino Wilkins
Section: ESN Wädenswil

NR of
ESN Turkey

Mustafa cihat Akseki
Section: ESN Atilim

NR of
ESN United kingdom

Matthew Clemo
Section: ESN Hertfordshire